Taste a new spin on Indian cuisine at Flying Monkey Restaurant and Bar!

Sunlight was waning as I wandered along Bussorah street, having some trouble finding this week’s restaurant visit. As the day turned to evening, Kampong Glam was waking up; people begain filling up the Turkish, Lebanese, and other Middle Eastern restaurants. I myself was looking for the Flying Monkey, a recently opened restaurant and bar serving pan-Indian cuisine and spice-inspired cocktails. I finally discovered it under an awning, as there was no evident signage on the façade of the building. Only when coming closer did I see its neon name blazing on the back wall of the restaurant.

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Yantra – A Shining Gem of Fine Indian Cuisine Crafted by Chef Hemant Oberoi

A Wonderful and Happy Lunar New Year to all my readers! After a snazzy 2016 and a month’s break in January, there is certainly much to look forward to in this year ahead. The past one year has been great for this website. After about 9 years running, I am pleased to formally welcome three new contributors to this website. There is Elliot who is both skilled in his writing and as a chef in his personal kitchen. There is Benjamin who delivers fresh insight and a new-found appreciation for food that speaks to his values as he sails the seas. And there is Tom who simply wishes to savour the moment and introduce the best just for you. Look out for their articles as we make our way through 2017! It brings me with great pleasure then to also start the new year with one of the finest contemporary Indian restaurants that I’ve discovered here in Singapore.

Yantra, the eight year old fine dining Indian restaurant at the Tanglin Mall, is now a proud partner with the famed Chef Hemant Oberoi, the former Grand Executive Chef of the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai. After a series of chefs that were part of the Yantra mantle, Chef Oberoi has now entered and revamped the menu to feature a more artisanal, contemporary Indian fare that is refined and layered with flavour. For the prestige and nuanced touch that Chef Oberoi inspires into the menu, it is no wonder then that one must be prepared to pay a premium. But for the experience to taste a repertoire that has once graced the plates and palates of dignitaries like the Clintons and the Obamas, this might be a journey well worth it.

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Taste a pinnacle of haute Indian cuisine at Punjab Grill, Marina Bay Sands


When it comes to enjoying a good spread of Indian cuisine, one would hardly imagine Marina Bay Sands as the place to be at. However, 4 year old Punjab Grill helmed by Chef Javed Ahamad is one exception to the rule. Traditional Indian dishes is only part of the main fare offered at the restaurant, with the other being a complex offering of contemporary Indian haute cuisine. At its heart, the restaurant features dishes that are from the Northwest region such as Lahore, Peshwar, Rawalpindi, Kabul, Amritsar, Multan and Patiala. With exciting, robust flavours paired with an imaginative blend of the occasional Western ingredient, Punjab Grill is a restaurant well worth visiting to satisfy your modern Indian cuisine craving. Continue reading “Taste a pinnacle of haute Indian cuisine at Punjab Grill, Marina Bay Sands”

Town Restaurant, The Fullerton Hotel Features Indian Haute Cuisine Dinner Buffet With Guest Chef Hemant Oberoi From 15 to 22 August!


From 15 to 22 August, Town Restaurant at the Fullerton Hotel will host Guest Chef Hemant Oberoi for a week long spread of fine Indian cuisine, redefined. Chef Oberoi, formerly the Grand Executive Chef at Taj Mahal Palace, brings with him a wealth of experience and flavour to the regular Town Restaurant buffet, making it one of most exciting limited-time promotions I’ve been to yet.


Chef Oberoi and me

Chef Oberoi is no stranger in the Indian culinary gourmet scene. He is currently a consultant Chef for the Taj Group, and is a culinary personality who has been the personal chef to Prime Ministers and Presidents. He is also known to be the man behind award winning restaurant Wasabi by Morimoto at the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, whose Mumbai branch is ranked as one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants for 3 consecutive years from 2013 to 2015.

IMG_0402 IMG_0407


Among the wide selection of dishes to look out for are items such as the Mutton Shikampuri Kebab, Chicken Saagwala Curry, the Atta Chicken and portions of freshly made Naan.


I was impressed by the Roti Pe Boti, which featured baby lamb well marinated with spices and served on thin pieces of bread. Gamey lamb is lightened yet still with a unique portrayal of flavours ranging a mild sweetness to deeper savouriness.


The Atta Chicken is also worth a mention for its unique technique of cooking well marinated chicken inside a dough shell. I loved the hearty flavours which were tenderly spiced and well scented with gentle smoky touch.

IMG_0388 IMG_0421





In addition to the range of savoury and meaty delights, explore special dessert creations such as the Masala Chai Creme Brulee, the Hot Gulab Jamun (I reckon I spotted a dry version) and even the Kulfi Ice Cream. Mango, Strawberry and Buttermilk lassi accompanies the meal on top of a selection of Indian-inspired starters and salads. This is an excellent selection that comes alongside Town Restaurant’s already delectable buffet choices of seafood, sushi and sashimi, roasted meats and dessert. Town Restaurant’s Art of Indian Haute Dinner Buffet will be available from now till 22 August, and might be one buffet not to be missed.

Thank you The Fullerton Hotel for the invitation

Town Restaurant
The Fullerton Hotel
Reservations: 6877 8128
Art of Indian Haute Dinner Buffet
15 to 22 August (6.30 to 10.30pm)
From $55++ onwards