ADRIFT by David Myers launches new, tantalizing menu with team of new chefs!

ADRIFT by David Myers has always been one of my favourite restaurants at Marina Bay Sands. When it first launched two years ago, I remember the contemporary take on Asian-inspired food that David Myers and his team brought to Singapore’s culinary scene. It is, therefore, with great excitement when I heard that a new menu was being launched, albeit this time round with a new slate of chefs on board to freshen the line up.

The new menu is a creation of Chef David Myers, Executive Chef Wayne Brown, and Sous Chef Kamarl John. While the dishes still feature the signature use of Japanese ingredients with a playful use of Southeast Asian spices and Californian techniques, the lineup is definitely new with a brighter punch in flavour and textures.

From the new menu, I highly recommend ordering the Heirloom Tomatoes ($14++) and Hamachi ($19++). The Heirloom tomatoes were lavishly portioned in a bed of sauce made with myoga, smoked chilli oil and tomato vinaigrette. Hidden beneath was a layer of delicious buffalo cheese, and the surface was topped with crisp, toasted quinoa. A wonderful contrast of bright flavours paired with refreshing textures.

The Hamachi, on the other hand, comes served as fresh sashimi sliced and presented in a sauce made out of Japanese pepper and pumpkin juice. Needless to say, the visual appeal of the dish was striking and the orange hues lent a sweet imagination to the overall portrayal of the dish.

If more snacks are needed around the table, opt for the Spiced Beef Tartare ($6++ per pc). Raw beef is marinated with bright flavours of korean chilli and served in a roll topped with seaweed – definitely a satisfying mouthfull to kick off the meal.

From the Skewers selection, go for the signature Glazed Ox Tongue ($16++)Spot Prawns ($18++) and Japanese Eggplant ($16++). I adored the use of gyu-tongue that while deeply savoury with touches of sweet charred sesame soy goodness, is paired delightfully with tangy sudachi apple and pink pepper. The Spot Prawns  comes wrapped with pancetta and would definitely be a crowd pleaser in bringing together complementary flavours from the land and the sea. But it is the Japanese Eggplant with a  chunky serving of chicken miso that stood out for its heartiness, and provided a wholesome, fulfilling flavour in the middle of the meal.

Stand outs from the mains (and also the Coals & Teppan category) include the Kagoshima Wagyu Katsu Sandwich A4 ($55++) and the Roasted Young Chicken ($30++). The Wagyu sandwich featured a meaty, and well marbled beef patty that comes topped with a layer of black truffle aioli. Though the truffle aromatics was almost fleeting, I especially enjoyed the katsu crust that gave a delightfully pleasant crunch in each bite.

The roasted young chicken, served with a side of burnt citrus and lemon miso paste, was tender, well marinated and when paired with the side of sweet fermented soybean, had its flavours brought to another level. Great for sharing!

For desserts, one simply cannot go wrong with the Roasted Pineapple and the Chocolate Tart. I enjoyed the tropical brightness of the roasted pineapple cream, and the sublime textures of the chocolate tart was one of the best I’ve had so far.

Of course, the new menu is not without its misses. The Potato Hash ($8++ per pc) was rather ordinary (despite the caviar), and the dessert made out of soured milk, passion fruit and mango was a touch medicinal.

Still, from the dishes I tried at ADRIFT, I must say that the innovativeness from Chef and his team never fails to amaze me. While some might associate inventive, new gastronomic ideas with haute cuisine, I am well contented with this playful take on inventive dining that is both casual and refreshing. And for diners who are unable to decide on what to order, a six-course tasting menu at $88++ per guest is also served during dinner. It is on occasions like this when you might just want to let the chef decide what to serve you. ADRIFT by David Myers? I’ll definitely be back.

Thank you Adrift for the invitation.

ADRIFT by David Myers
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue
Hotel Lobby Tower 2
Singapore 018956

Reservations: 6688 5657

Opening Hours:
Lunch (Mon to Fri): 12pm- 2.30pm
Dinner (Daily): 6pm to 2am
Brunch (Sat and Sun): 12pm to 3pm

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Ramen fans rejoice: Ramen Nagi finally opens in Singapore

For years, the absence of a Ramen Nagi restaurant in Singapore has been conspicous in a city where new ramen restaurants open every quarter. But the wait is now over, with the award-winning ramen chain opening its first outlet in Suntec City.

The Singapore branch does not serve the Japanese chain’s famed ramen with sardine broth, but its chef-owner Satoshi Ikuta has promised to create a limited-edition ramen exclusive to Singapore soon.

For now, the chain serves four tonkotsu-based flavours: traditional Butao King (tonkotsu pork broth, $13.90+); spicy Red King (blend of garlic, chilli oil and cayenne, $15.90+); Black King (blackened garlic and squid ink, $15.90+); and Green King (basil and olive oil in tonkotsu broth topped with grated parmesan, $15.90+).

At Ramen Nagi, you customise your ramen by selecting the ramen texture, the amount of garlic, the richness of the broth, the spice level, and whether you want pork shoulder or pork belly chashu.

The pork shoulder and belly pass muster with their fragrance, soft texture, and generous serving size. But I do not find the traditional Butao King and Red King  flavours to be remarkable. Perhaps it is a case of the kitchen struggling to find its feet on opening night, because even the ramen eggs that I ordered did not come with that glorious runny centre.

Instead, consider ordering the  Black King and Green King flavours. The former will delight social media users with its striking colour, while the latter’s unconventional  appearance and aromotic flavour of basil will please jaded ramen fans used to conventional flavours. I will be back to try the Green King again.

Chef Ikuta recommends diners to have their ramen with a side dish of  gyoza ($7.90+). I took to the chive-filled meat dumplings, but more picky diners might take issue with the bed of strong-smelling raw bean sprouts that the dumplings are served on.

The outlet is compact and noisy when it is full, so this is probably not a place you want to linger at. The reasonable prices, however, mean that it is worth a visit to see whether the hype is justified.

Thank you, Ramen Nagi Singapore, for the invitation.

Ramen Nagi Singapore
Suntec City Tower 2
Singapore 038989

Reservations: 6821 1601

Opening Hours
Lunch 11am to 3pm
Dinner 5pm to 10pm
Opens daily

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The $88++ A4 Kumamoto Wagyu Wednesdays Buffet at Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard!

After my first well-received trip to Triple Three, I had been excited to return again. I finally got the chance to do so this month, and while I found that much had remained the same, one thing had changed.

There were now daily themed buffets, including Triple Three’s thematic take on top-grade, A4 Kumamoto Wagyu beef on what it calls Wagyu Wednesdays.

How good is the beef, and is Wagyu Wednesday worth the visit?

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Decadent Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet at Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Singapore!

Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore is proud to launch their weekly decadent, gourmet buffet delight – the Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet! With a stunning view of Singapore’s Marina Bay and the South China Sea through the restaurant’s ceiling-high windows from the 32nd floor of Asia Square Tower 2, diners are promised a spectacular afternoon away from the crowds.

Featuring a smorgasbord of mouthwatering delights, tuck in to a generous selection of fresh seafood, roasts, classic international brunch dishes, local and regional favourites, all on top a free-flow selection of champagne, wine, beer, selected cocktails and soft drinks! The champagne brunch buffet is available every Sunday at $148++ or at $88++ (with only one glass of champagne or drink of your choice). And without further ado, here are some gorgeous pictures to whet your appetite further.

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Renga-Ya: The Best of Hokkaido Beef at Chijmes!


Three years ago, I made a radical vow to abstain from beef for one year. It was my attempt at a more environmentally conscious diet. My abstinence was broken in three moments of weakness, but in those moments leading up from bovine deprivation, the beef was a joy to the tastebuds. Transcendental experiences from simple pleasures like that, I thought, are not often easily attainable without a period of ascetism beforehand. But that was not until I tried the wagyu beef at Renga-Ya Japanese BBQ and Steak Restaurant. Continue reading “Renga-Ya: The Best of Hokkaido Beef at Chijmes!”

Ninja Cut: A Cut Above the Rest


When I first heard the name of the restaurant, I assumed that Ninja Cut was serving traditional Japanese-style torched meats with ramen or don. It turns out that the concept is about something a bit more modern, less traditional, but just as scrumptious. The restaurant’s décor is bright and clean, looking more like a hipster café than a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine. And maybe it’s more apropos, since Ninja Cut doesn’t serve the usual Japanese dishes, but spins traditional Japanese ingredients into novel creations with familiar Japanese flavours.

There are two main categories of dishes on the menu: the eponymous Ninja Cuts, and the Brunch. The ten eponymous Ninja Cuts essentially consist of a distinctly marinated meat, sides of sautéed vegetables, mushrooms, and topped with an onsen egg, with the option to add quinoa (+$3), rice (+$2), soba (+$2), or garden greens (+$2)Continue reading “Ninja Cut: A Cut Above the Rest”