Experience Exquisite Cantonese Cuisine this Lunar New Year at Cassia, Capella Singapore!

When I first dined at Cassia over at Capella Singapore just slightly over a month ago, I was heartened by the depth of flavour and elegance found in each dish. Imagine my delight when I was back at Cassia to experience their Lunar New Year delicacies. Indeed, I’m most happy to say that they are well worth the visit if you are looking for a luxurious reunion dinner to celebrate the occasion!

Cassia’s Signature Lou Hei

It is almost a must, at any Lunar New Year meal, to start off proper with a Lou Hei toss to welcome in the season of spring. Lou Hei at Cassia comes in two variants. First up, the Prosperity Lou Hei which is available 1 February to 2 March 2018 at $68++ per platter for 2 to 4 persons. The mix of fresh seasonal greens comes with the restaurant’s homemade plum sauce to delight tastebuds in all its auspicious notes.

More impressively, there is Cassia’s Signature Lou Hei (凯嘉品味捞起). Tossed salad comes with lobster, salmon, north pole clam and a homemade, citrusy tangy hawthorn sauce that penetrates through the layers. Notably, the lobster signifies happiness and laughter throughout the year, the North Pole Clam refers to an abundance of opportunities in the coming year, and the Salmon represent success in all things to come. Although I found the hawthorn sauce a little too sour for my liking, this was still a great toss for a good year ahead. The Signature Lou Hei is available 1 February to 2 March 2018 and from $38++ per person with minmium 2 persons required.

A traditional and homely affair for any Cantonese meal, and perhaps meals during Chinese New Year, would be the soup that is served. And what a delightful soup this is! The Double-boiled Thick Chicken Broth with Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Duo of Scallops and Flower Mushroom Soup (海参花胶花菇鸳鸯贝炖浓鸡汤) was simply divine. The flavours were satisfyingly rich, and I deeply loved the collagen and umami sweetness. Lip-smacking, and indeed, glorious.

Next up, we were served the Wok-fried Prawns stuffed with Minced Shrimp and Crispy Garlic, Bi Fong Tong Style (避风塘虾中虾). The crunch from the prawns were an aural delight, and the stuffing of minced prawn and touches of dried chilli and minced garlic aromas complemented the dish’s overall meaty sea-sweetness. Devour the prawns whole, and leave no shell behind!

I got really excited when the Steamed Cod Fish with Black Garlic in Light Soya Sauce (糖心黑蒜蒸鳕鱼) made its entrance into the room. The black garlic aroma was suitably distinct and sweet, perfuming its presence into view. And I marveled at how the intensely sweet black garlic with edges of caramel notes complemented the white garlic puree infused with what I suspect to be decadent butter. The flavours were bold and audacious, pairing well with the portion of oily cod. An absolute delight!

Yet for all the grand entrance I spoke about in the previous dish, hats must go off for the Fried Rice with Mini Abalone and Preserved Chinese Sausage (老少平安丝苗). In what was almost like the climax before the grand finale of dessert, this was a dish that exploded onto the scene. Essence of lup cheong filled the air with a majestic presence of honey and savoury. Each grain of rice was well coated with egg, salted egg yolk, and more lupcheong flavour. And the textural contrasts provided by the mini abalone, bits of scallop and prawn, though secondary at this point, were still a stellar combination. This was certainly fried rice heaven, and at the next level! Would I go for more? Yes, without a doubt.

As with all orchestras of flavour, things must come to an end. For the final dish, the chef presented the Chilled Coconut Cream with Pearls and Sago topped with Ice Cream. Evocative of crisp, refreshing beachfront images, this was one dessert that left me craving for more. I especially enjoyed the bits of caramelised candy floating throughout. It lent just the right amount of sparkle and finishing to what is already a brilliantly executed dessert.

The Private Dining Room at Cassia

Dining at Cassia for this Lunar New Year is certainly a luxurious affair. With prices easily set to go upwards of $1000 for a table of 10, Cassia almost promises an exclusive dining experience for those with deep pockets. That said, I was impressed with the dishes presented, and heartened by the polish in almost every dish. Though it does seem that the menu tends to be variants of its original a la carte variety, there is little to complain about. For those who are seeking a reunion dinner option that couples as a private getaway, Cassia is the option for you. The dishes are highly recommended, and well worth the start for an auspicious year ahead!

Thank you Capella Singapore for the invitation.

Capella Singapore

1 The Knolls
Sentosa Island
Singapore 098297

Reservations: 6591 5045

The Prosperity Reunion Set ($139++ per pax) & Fortune Reunion Set ($169++ per pax) are only available 15 February 2018. First seating 6pm; second seating 8.30pm.

Available 15 February to 2 March 2018:
Spring Menu ($88++ per person); Lunch-only menu.
Abundant Blessings Set ($139++ per person); Lunch and Dinner
Double Happiness Set ($169++ per person); Lunch and Dinner
Deluxe Fortune Set ($199++ per person); Lunch and Dinner

Additional Classic Prosperity Yu Sheng Platter from $38++ (2 pax)