Canton Paradise, A Twist of Magnificent Oriental Purple

The Paradise Group of Restaurants have unveiled their latest brand concept, Canton Paradise at the bustling 112 Katong. Targeted for the casual family seeking a delightful dinner, Canton Paradise aims to bring in nostalgic Cantonese favourites including some very unique dishes to tickle everyone’s tastebuds. Heard about the Canton Crispy BBQ Pork? Well, it is one dish that will definitely leave you with a sense of luxurious indulgence.


Canton Paradise offers a range of dim sum for each lunch, and for a particular starter to go for, there is the Baked BBQ Honey Pork Bun ($4.50) to try. Textured on the surface like a bo lo bao, the bun crumbles upon the bite revealing a slightly sweet pastry and meaty interior.


Another starter to consider is the Fried Pumpkin Coated with Salted Egg Yolk & Mixed Nuts ($7.80) . Each piece is generously coated with a mashed salted egg yolk, and soft sweet in taste and composition. Not really salty for a well developed flavour, it passes for a dish to satisfy hungry tummies.


Perhaps the best dish of the night is really the Canton Crispy BBQ Pork ($15.80). Upon serve, the dish looked pale and innocent, but it became a surprise when the first bite unveiled a crispy texture, sudden burst of sweetness and that wholesome goodness of pork fat melting in your mouth. Awesomely excellent with steaming white rice, but definitely something I would take once in a blue moon (unless I go to the gym every other day).


The BBQ Pork Belly with Honey Sauce ($15.80) is quite well done with nice layers of pork and fat marbled together while encased in a sweet sauce and bbq-ed to perfection. Juicy and tender, it was a pleasure taking in each piece. Though definitely, I think the portion could be a little bigger.


For a real tasty treat, there is the Steamed Kampong Chicken in Canton Style ($15 half/ $28 whole). Tender chicken pieces, natural flavours which stand out, and a oil dip to intensify the taste, this dish is good on its own. I really liked the way how each piece was smooth and presentable, giving the impression of a very delectable portion to go after.


One of Canton Paradise’s specialties lie in the area of their Nourishing Soups. Each day, three daily soups are offered to guests our of a range of 11 different varieties. Priced at $6.80pp or $16.80 a pot, the one featured here is the Hami Melon with Pork Ribs and Fish Maw. Richly flavoured with herbs, its a very decent bowl to share amongst all.


For a classic Canton Selection, there is the Wok-Fried Bean Sprout with Vermicelli and Salted Fish ($12.80). When the dish arrived, I thought it was a plate of Char Kway Teow just with extra beansprouts. But what is pretty distinctive then is the wok-smoked flavour infused within the sprouts, and each mouthful giving a well rounded development of savoury subtly intense flavour to appreciate.


The Steamed Lingzhi Tofu in Supreme Soya Sauce ($8.80) is supposedly one of Executive Chef Hu’s special creations. I really thought that the silkiness was really pronounced and I guess it has much to do with technique and the Danone Aqua spring water used. Smooth and lightly velvety, it was a nice healthy dish except with more emphasis drawn to the soya sauce.


A claypot dish is up next and that is the Wok-fried Pork Belly with Salted Fish ($14.80) . Thinly sliced pieces of pork belly fried together with a good amount of onions, sauces and dried chillies, this was one dish that made me crave for more. It is a little oily, but that goes very well with rice. And if you bite into the dried chilli, well just be prepared to crave for water.


Finally, the last main and not entirely Cantonese in nature, it is the Szechuan Poached Sea Bass with Pickled Cabbage in Fish Stock ($28.80) . It is definitely hard not to notice the oodles of dried chillies and peppercorn floating about in the broth but don’t let that scare you. It is definitely hot, but it borders the realm of shiokness. Sea flavour rich, with a strong scent of pickled cabbages which might not appeal to all, this is one dish I would recommend if you are a lover of spice. Want it to be hotter, tell the staff to have it original.


For desserts, there is the restaurant’s unique Custard Glutinous Rice Ball with Grated Oat ($4.80 for 3 pieces). Like a crossbreed of a mochi and a sesame ball, the interior is stuffed with smooth custard which was not what I envisioned to be a burstful delight.


Also on the menu is the Chilled Red Bean & Yam Jelly ($4.20).


For drinks, there is the house specialty of Gula Melaka Milk Tea ($3.80).




All in all, Canton Paradise offers a value for money and unique dining experience for families and friends alike. Some of the dishes like the Crispy BBQ Pork and the Poached Sea Bass with Pickled Cabbage in Fish Stock really stand out. The portion sizes served up are a little small for a real full family sharing, so there could be consideration to order double portions. Also, presentation is more rustic and simple with focus really being on the food than on the visual appeal. Still, with a spread of delectable tasty delights and a good atmosphere to end the night, Canton Paradise at 112 Katong delivers that very nicely. I look forward to coming back for more of their Crispy BBQ Pork and maybe dare my friends to finish a bowl of Szechuan soup in one single gulp.

Thank you Sixth Sense Communications and the Paradise Group for the invitation

Canton Paradise
I12 Katong
112 East Coast Road
Reservations : 6344 8201

Opens from :
Mon to Fri 11am to 10pm
Sat/Sun/PH 1030am to 10pm (last order 930pm)