Canele, Artisan Sweets and Delectable Savouries


Beef braised in Red Wine

Raffles City Shopping Centre has revamped its subterranean shopping level, to the scale of more dining options and redesigned shops of previous tenants. When I first visited the mall last month, I was definitely impressed. A refreshed feeling to the entire basement. And its hard not to notice the restaurant standing prominently with counters around it like a castle within its own walls. Canele, a name familiar for their artisan sweets and desserts, is one that has undergone a change. Decorated in refined fashion of majestic pink striped walls and red chairs, I felt instinctively attracted to that gem like atmosphere.

And the array of sweets have gone up a notch. From the usual offering of delectable chocolates to cakes and pastries, miniature meringues and other goodies are now individually packed and up for grabs. I love meringues. I really do love meringues.


Its dinner time and I had the Marinara Spaghettini ($17.50). Genuinely more refined in marinara sauce composition, the tomato consistency is delicate and nicely paired with the seafood. Not too oily and with that hint of chilli padi spice here and there, it was very appetizing. Though the spaghetti served was well cooked, and I for one prefer my pasta with that firm bite.


Ooo..crepes, and savoury kinds too like mine with Paris Ham, Emmental Cheese and Sunny Side Up served with Salad ($12.50) Served toasty warm, its easy to impress with crepes. Welcome to the Western Dhosai.


And of course, the classic. Braised Beef in Red Wine served with Pasta or Bread ($18). Tender, melt in the mouth chunks of braised beef, the hint of red wine and its acidity is a nice touch to the dish. Potatoes are cubed and grainy, providing a contrasting texture to the otherwise velvety dish. Nice.


I would plainly think its unwise to leave Canelle without indulging in their desserts. Though I can’t say if all of them are excellent, I know that those I’ve tasted so far are nicely done. To end the meal, there was the Baked Fruit Tart ($5.50). I initially wanted to have the Strawberry Shortcake but that was already sold out. So instead, I settled for the menu’s description of Pear, Apricot, Sour Cherry, Almond Cream, Almond Tart. Well balanced in sweetness with that tart berry taste, content is a mere understatement of the dish. 


Berry Black Fine Tea ($5 for a teapot). Tangy with the richness of berries, this berry black was a brownish purple with a light crisp taste. Nice.


Table water served in jars filled with sliced carrots and basil. 

Bright, airy feeling with the experience of dining in a “courtyard”

  More sweets up for sale!

Canele has so much more to offer now. And with a cherry like ambience to boot, it makes me want to return for a visit and perhaps this time round, try out their pizzas and of course with that cup of fine tea. Know of any other nice places to visit for that fine serving of pastry?

Raffles City Shopping Mall
252, North Bridge Road