Cafedirect 100% Fairtrade Coffee Capsule Makes Its Launch!

2016-04-28 14.28.47

The UK’s largest award-winning 100% Fairtrade hot drinks company has finally launched its premium coffee capsules, Cafédirect, in Singapore’s supermarkets. Compatible with any Nespresso machine, this gives coffee drinks an added option for a premium Americano in the morning.

2016-04-28 14.29.49

Each capsule is moderately intense (an 8 out of 12) and is made from 100% Arabica beans together with an added 5.3g blend of Tanzanian and Mexican coffee. An interesting mix and I enjoyed its light touch of creaminess, though it is very mild for my preference. I’d still prefer my kopi gao anyday.

Interestingly, 50% of the profits from Cafedirect goes back to the coffee growers, who number over 200, 000 smallholder growers across 14 developing countries. Cafédirect Americano pods are priced at $8.90 for a pack of 10, and are available at all FairPrice Xtra and FairPrice Finest outlets.

Thank you Cafedirect for the coffee.