Burger King – Never Chicken Out!

When was the last time you stood up for yourself? – Bravery and Heroism is the latest tagline adopted by Burger King Singapore for their new BK Chicken Range.

I found the first video above to be pretty amusing. Entitled : “Rude Taxi Snatcher Taught a Lesson by a Chicken”. The lady stands in front of a man hailing a taxi and when the cab stops to pick her up, the man rushes forward and sits inside first. But I guess BK Chicken is here to save the day when it inspires the lady to pull the man out by not “Chickening out”. A very light hearted touch on certain Kiasu aspects of people, though I guess the taxi uncle must be pretty bewildered by the time the film is completed.

The Ulu Pandan Bear makes its grand appearance in the next video as it rummages through the rubbish bin presumably looking for food. But BK Chicken appears with a torchlight, and the best part comes about when the bear stares and suddenly drops the bin cover. Lame but an excellent attempt at humour.

The full range of 8 chicken varieties.

And there is a current contest ongoing which can make you a winner of a Microsoft XBOX 360 with Kinect bundle. Details available here : http://apps.facebook.com/bkchicken/

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