Brotzeit launches snazzy, limited-time Karneval menu; Take up the half-meter sausage challenge!

Popular German restaurant bar chain Brotzeit will, for a limited-time only (16 January to 25 February 2018), launch a specially-curated Karneval menu across its outlets in Singapore. “Karneval”, a traditional German festival which usually marks the season before Lent, is a time when there is much joy, merriment and festivity. In Germany, circuses, social and political parodies are commonplace during this period. Once Ash Wednesday hits, Karneval ends, and the traditional season of fasting gets underway.

Although the street festivities back in Germany would feature food markets and stalls selling specialty craft beers, sausages, pretzels and the like, Brotzeit has decided that a special, additional menu is right for the season. On top of it all, there is also the Brotzeit Half-Meter Sausage Challenge! Pair up with a friend, and finish the entire half-meter of Brotzeit’s Deutsche Halbmeter Wurst, complete with sauerkraut and potato salad in a baguette, and have the sausage on the house! Of course, bragging rights are almost a guarantee if you are one of the few on the peak of glory and excellence in speed food-eating.

The more exciting of dishes on the menu, however, has to be the Zweierlei von Huhn (Duo of Chicken with fries and potato salad, $40++). I absolutely took to the wonderfully well-roasted chicken. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and hints of paprika, I enjoyed the juicy, tender meat that spoke volume about the Chef’s technique! Delicious 🙂

Of course, if you want something light and with some beer to go along, there is also the Yummylicious Trio ($24++). This comes with 2 glasses of draft beers or 2 bottles (0.3l) of Kolsch beer, and sides of oven-baked meatloaf, chicken schnitzel with rocket leaves, and the German meat patty with gherkin and lettuce.

If more tapas is right for the night, there is the option of Deutsche Tapas (3 for $15++, 6 for $28++, 12 for $45++). Indulge in a selection of:

  • Bierbeisser
  • Super food salad,
  • Spicy chicken sausages,
  • Currywurst,
  • Golden fried chicken,
  • Cheese spätzle,
  • Meatballs,
  • Seabass filet,
  • Fried mushrooms,
  • Meatloaf in mini kaiser roll,
  • Chicken schnitzel in mini kaiser roll,
  • and the meat patty in mini kaiser roll

A definite spread, and easily, 12 mini plates is a great sharing platter for a group of 4 who want to try a little of everything. That said, the quality of the tapas is average, and does not stand out remarkably well despite the punchy, full-bodied flavours and warmth you would come to expect from German street cuisine. I was glad they had currywurst, cheese spatzle, and fried mushrooms (clear savoury favourites of mine). But i must say, the ones i had at the food markets in Berlin and Munich were outstandingly better.

Also exclusive for this Karneval is the exclusive Gaffel Kölsch (1 bottle at $10, bucket of 5 at $48, 5L party keg at $98). This specialty beer from Cologne is delicate, easy to drink, with a pleasant smooth aroma that would make you want a second pint. Go for the 5l party keg if you are there! I’m sure it will be worth it.

Karneval at Brotzeit promises to be a blast if you follow the time-honoured tradition of drinking yourself responsibly silly, while indulging in half-meter long sausage (honestly, I think it’s very doable), and partaking in a schnitzel or two. Though if you are there for real food, go for the Duo of Chicken, I’m pretty sure the roast chicken will not disappoint!

Thank you Brotzeit for the invitation.

313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Reservations: 6834 4038

*The Karneval menu is available from now till 25 February 2018