Bread Yard – Homely Sandwiches & All Day Breakfast Made Awesome, At SUTD!


Talk about breakfast on a whim. Early this morning and slightly after midnight, Ming Ting and Jianyi called me to ask if I was keen to visit Bread Yard, the sandwiches & all-day breakfast at SUTD. Since the little cafe was just down Dover road and with a almost fanatical rave of how awesome it was, I dropped breakfast plans in college and joined the duo. Bread Yard is located on campus within SUTD. For those who live around the area, this makes one more breakfast option to the list. The deal is especially sweetened when you realise that the breads, baked in clay pots to simulate baking in a wood-fired oven, are especially delectable, wholesome and hearty. The dishes, generally affordable and well worth the value paid for makes the visit all the more worth it. Great for sandwiches and all day dining!

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Bread Yard is simply furnished, with a good number of deep brown benches and tables to complement with a outdoor like atmosphere. The cafe is quaintly designed with large windows to allow natural light in, making the location a charming little place to relax in and while the day away.

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Ming Ting ordered the Mushroom Sandwich ($4.90 – SUTD / $5.80 – Public) with her choice of Italian Wholemeal Bread. Stuffed with coarsely cut mushrooms, cheddar, onions, tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic mayo, this is pure comfort food made for those mornings that need a good start to the day. I loved the earthy, nutty mushroom flavour that is well contrasted with a tinge of salty and melted cheese, sweetened with the onions and given a crunch throughout with the toasted bread. Well worth, and satisfying.

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Big eaters rejoice with the Big Boy’s ($7.90 – SUTD / $9.30 – Public) breakfast. A platter of jumbo sausge, bacon streaks (I suspect it’s turkey bacon), honey baked ham, and sunny side up on bread is served along side a heap of salad with a light dressing over it. Hearty, filling, and very satisfying, this is comfort food for mornings that needs simply more than a McDonalds Big Breakfast. Add about $2 to make the main into a set, complete with Soup/Roasted Potatoes/Mashed Potatoes/Fresh salad and a side of Iced Tea.

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Jianyi ordered the Eggs Bettino ($5.90 – SUTD, $6.90 – Public). The ever popular Eggs Benedict is given a simpler touch with a lighter Hollandaise sauce topped onto poached eggs that sit on a slice of honey-baked ham. Served on the shop’s homemade Italian bread, this is probably one of the most value for money and cheapest Eggs Benedict around.

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As Ming Ting carried on her rave about how Shona and Mark loved the Ham & Cheese ($4.90 – SUTD / $5.80 – Public), I thought I had to order a serving to share and try. Slices of cheese, honey baked ham, topped with love, bechamel and honey mustard is tucked between two slices of bread of your choice. I opted for the Olive, and it was really filling. It was a unique sandwich with the sweet apple giving a peculiar crunch in each bite, almost reminding you of a picnic setting in the outdoors where there’s ham, cheese and apples in a basket.

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For desserts (yes, desserts for breakfast), we all shared a portion of Sticky Toffee Pudding and Bread and Butter Pudding. Pudding with toffee is made oh so good with chopped dates stuffed in a moist sponge cake and then drizzled with sticky toffee sauce. A scoop of vanilla ice cream completes the dish. A beautiful contrast between the warm and frosty and the intense sweetness of toffee against the floral aromatics of vanilla.

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The Bread and Butter pudding is an excellent choice for those who want a good ol’ hot English favourite for the mornings. Bite-sized chunks of bread and butter is baked to perfection with giant raisins, granny smith apples and an egg and milk mixture. Before serve, pour a serving of creme anglaise for colour and an almost decadent, milky touch.

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Breakfast was so filling, satisfying and a lovely break from dining hall food.

Breakfast at Bread Yard is simply warm, hearty and satisfying. The dishes are generally good and well worth exploring, and the price for the quality makes the visit all the more worth it. It is a great place to visit especially for those who live around the area and would like an occasional difference to the start of their mornings. And if you are really keen about their freshly baked bread, the breads are available in loaves for you to take away.

Bread Yard
20 Dover Drive
Singapore 138682
Contact: 6779 7986