Boon Pisang Goreng @ Longhouse


I managed to take this photo before buying the Goreng Pisangs. Just look at all the bananas hanging!

I feel guilty. After my dinner at Nam Kee Chicken Rice last week, I went down to Longhouse just next door to take a look at the famous Goreng Pisangs.

I bought a few, intended to take a snapshot of the fried bananas but finished it before I could. Now I have little to share except my experience through words.

The bananas were coated in a very thin light batter. And when fried, it is almost silky, almost threaded but definitely crispy. Very different from the usual Goreng Pisangs down at the market where the golden brown skin is reminiscent of a tempura batter’s coating, but heavier.

Now, where was that Goreng Chempedak….