Blue Mountain Cafe. Not In The Mountains.


To take a hiatus in 313@Somerset amidst the shopping, there are a couple of options available – Food Republic, SayCheeze, regular fast food joints such as The Handburger (though it is actually a restaurant) and even the benches just outside the lift landing.

While Auntie Eng wanted to shop at Uniqlo, Grandma wanted to rest her feet, and me being me decided that instead of the traditional food court as the cultural pit stop, I felt it was a good experience to let Grandma try out a cafe. What better than to try Blue Mountain Cafe with the branch at 313 being its 2nd foray into Singapore.


Tiramisu latte $5.90

Now while we may get the ubiquitous Kopi or Teh at the coffeeshop, it has to be lattes and smoothies at any cafe. Auntie Eng had the Tiramisu Latte. Slightly sweet with the aroma and taste accented with mocha. The sweet drizzle of chocolate on the foam’s surface adds a touch of elegance and style.


Cafe piña colada $5.90

I had the Cafe pina colada simply because the name stood out and the thought of pineapple and coconut in coffee was new for me. I found the mild sweet latte hinted with the slight tangy flavour of pineapple. Coconut flavours add to a creamy taste that leaves one warm and in comfort. Grandma loved it much more than the Tiramisu Latte.


Baked mussels with parsley and garlic $7.50

Mum had little munchies for a break and she called for the Baked Mussels. I found the mussels a tad too dry for my liking but major plus points goes to the delicate use of cheese and garlic that gives a winning combination


Mini bm combo $5.50( kids only )

Recently, Grandma took a craving towards anything deep fried and especially french fries. This was an item on the Kids menu, but hey, we still called for it. (Come on, the picture looked good, the portions were aplenty, and the pricing was smiling at me) But if you have a kid (aged 12 years and below), you should order this at BMC.


Potato loaded skins with cheese and bacon $6.50

For me, I had the Potato loaded skins with cheese and bacon. Or essentially what is familiarly known to me as Jacket Potatoes. (BMC sure creates long names). The baked potatoes were creamy, giving a warm feeling to the stomach though it is a little dry.  Drops of bacon bits add a delightful munch and crunch.


My impression of Blue Mountain Cafe  while not as glitzy along the ranks of The Coffee Connoisseur known for its unique creations and exquisite prices, BMCoffee gives affordable great tasting drinks made from that delightfully roasted bean. Now all that is left is a little oven where they can bake the coffee beans for that alluring aroma.

_MG_0273 Blue Mountain Cafe
313 Somerset Road
313 @ Somerset
Opening Hours : 10am to 11pm