Be Set Adrift With Modern Asian Lunch Delights from Chef David Myers at Marina Bay Sands


Be set Adrift with Chef David Myers’ take on Modern Asian cuisine at the Marina Bay Sands. Adrift aims to present a myriad of flavours that are inspired by Chef Myers’ travels throughout the world. It carries a menu that is refreshing and novel, underpinned with a distinct Japanese culinary influence that pepper every other dish. As a “colourful food culture mashup” that features flavours from both the East and the West, Adrift sets to take you on a wanderlust journey that is familiar and yet surprising. 


The moment I stepped into the restaurant, I was immediately struck by how beautiful the entire place looked. Ceiling high windows let in a gorgeous amount of natural light that gently illuminates the warm, deep brown restaurant colours. The touches of green here and there lend a refreshing feel to the place. It is one of the more cozy and beautiful restaurants I’ve ever stepped into.


Starting this month, Adrift is proud to present its lunch menu that has both a la carte and a set menu option. To begin the meal, I was first served the Caramel Popcorn, Togarashi ($3++). The deep golden brown popcorn are presented in a small platter, and each piece is gently coated with the 7 spice togarashi. These were caramelized bitter-sweet and scented with a mild spice and a touch of heat. A unique combination and certainly something to open up the appetite.


However, I was definitely more interested with the Rice Cracker, Green Onion Salt, Yuzu Kosho Aioli ($3++). Different kinds (and colours) of rice are ground and made into rice crisps and served alongside a portion of aioli scented with yuzu and spice. The rice crackers were addictive all on its own, but the savoury flavours took on a new dimension with the creamy flavourful aioli. The touch of mayonnaise and garlic is a mildly intense combination that sweetened the more savoury rice. A good combination and well worth the order.


The portion of Cold Poached Prawns, Green Curry ($18++) was good but the scent of green curry was mild and almost too subtle to be noted. I loved the freshness, but would have preferred if a stronger green curry accent could be lifted through the dish.


One of the restaurant’s recommendations included the Young Kale, Hazelnuts, Maitakes, T11ruffle Pecornio, Vinaigrette ($21++). Bitter-sweet kale in lightly tossed with truffle oil, seasoning, hazelnuts and feta. While I was a little reserved on its general presentation and distinct, natural greenish flavours, I enjoyed the overall combination that made this dish lightly fragrant and yet subtly hearty to enjoy.


The Pork Tonkotsu Sandwich, Celery Root ($23++) is for me, a must order. Crisp tonkotsu patty is bundled within two slices of white loaf, and lightly garnished with celery root and the accompanying aioli. Simply take up a sandwich and further dip it into more sauce for all that extra flavour. Then enjoy the side of slaw that is surprisingly crisp and refreshing – a very nice contrast to the more hearty sandwich option.


Sometimes the best dishes are the simplest dishes. That philosophy is perhaps best represented with the Grilled Corn, Dashi Butter, Furikake ($12++). The ingredients speak for themselves, but I do want to highlight the beautiful grilled baby corn that is both nutty and sweet, nicely scented with the touches of dashi and butter.


For a heavier and meaty portion, there is the Iberico Pork, Salted Plum, Sweet Potato ($36++). I loved the sweet potato side as it reminded me of a good ol’ jacket potato with all the generous toppings. However, the iberico pork and salted plum was a miss for me as the flavours are tilted towards the heavier and saltier side. The salted plum, while it did bring out the hearty, earthy black pig flavour, was a touch too strong in its salinity.


That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the Crispy Baby Potatoes, Seaweed, Parmesan ($13++) so much that I polished off whatever could not be finished by the lunch table. The skin was nice and crisp, and the potatoes are mildly nutty, creamy with a smooth sweetness that gently unfolds on the palate. I loved it.


Lovers of desserts and those seeking something a little more substantial will appreciate the French Toast, Coconut Sorbet, Kopi Syrup. While the french toast itself is a delight to dig into, the thought of having frozen and fragrant coconut sorbet topped with a luscious, velvety coffee sauce seems all the more exciting. It is a heavy portion that deserves to be shared, but still an excellent order nonetheless.


However, those who are looking for something light and refreshing to end the entire experience will appreciate the choice of Vanilla Ice Cream and Shiso Sorbet. The combination presents an explosion of flavours that range from the salty to crisp leafy flavour to the sweet. The glaze of cherries sauce all over the top are an excellent touch in lending a certain degree of unique sweetness to the entire dish. My favourite so far.




All in, Adrft at the Marina Bay Sands lunch options are generally flavourful and hearty. Each dish represents a good combination of ingredients that attempt to bring out the essence in each item’s flavour. I would make a return visit to order the rice crackers with aioli, tonkotsu sandwich, grilled corn, crispy baby potatoes and shiso sorbet. These are items that left a strong impression and are perhaps a good introduction to an exciting spectrum of modern Asian cuisine. Now, all that is left is to discover what Chef Myers has prepared for dinner.

Thank you Adrift for the invitation.

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