O Batignolles – Enjoy the weekend brunch at a little corner of Paris in the heart of Singapore!


A touch of Paris is celebrating their 1st year anniversary in Singapore with a brand new weekend brunch menu that features champagne and croissants that seek to please. Ô Batignolles is the quaint little French bistro that you always wanted to visit, relax and have some delectable food while enjoying the tranquillity of the environment. The bistro, located at 2 Gemmil Lane and just slightly off the heart of Chinatown, sees a very calm setting on weekends. Almost perfect for some R&R before getting into the brisk of the day.

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The new brunch menu features a Champagne and Croissants Brunch that has free flow Champagne and Croissants in addition to a choice of bread and a choice of main. Those looking for a good selection of French wines will be pleased by the variety available, all personally chosen by the owner Antoine.

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With the doors fully open on weekends, Ô Batignolles resembles the typical French bistro cafe one would normally imagine. With seats both indoors and right by the quiet road, all that is missing right now is a quaint little river to run by the side, some birds flying about, and then the occasional cyclist on his way to the market.

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The croissants are the highlight to start the day. Freshly prepared and baked in house, these pieces of fluffy savoury pastry is crisp to the bite yet delicately chewy within. Indulge and savour the flavours that develop in mild bursts of intense savouriness. Spread some strawberry preserves on the croissants to complete the portion. I am usually not a fan for croissants because the ones I used to have are laden with a certain oiliness that is too strong for me. Those served at Ô Batignolles are perfect, and I had two!

Pair the beginnings with some bubbly! The Yveline Prat Brut Champagne is very light and easy to drink. The bubbles are small and not overly strong on the tongue, with sweet floral notes that is nicely rounded. It is perfect for almost all occasions.

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The Strawberry Preserves

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For the choice of bread, diners can choose either the Brioche with Nutella & Speculoos; the Pains au Chocolate Basket; the Blueberry Pancakes; or the French Toasts. I started off with a serving of Blueberry Pancakes that had a topping of Berries Coulis, Maple syrup and Creme Fraiche by the side. The pancakes were homely, a little crisp on one side, a little fluffy on the other. It was delicately scented with sweetness and was better with the maple syrup and creme fraiche. Good.

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An alternative choice would be the Pains au Chocolate Basket. Also prepared fresh daily, these chocolate croissants is a beautiful balance of savoury and creamy sweet. I preferred these over the pancakes, as the allure of the croissants are too hard to resist.

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For the mains, there are 4 choices of eggs – Eggs Benedict; Scrambled Eggs; Eggs Pacifico; and the Eggs Cocotte. The Eggs Pacifico was presented with smoked salmon, homemade hollandaise sauce all over the top and a side of green salad. Cut into the centre to reveal the perfect runny yolk. Have that paired with the hollandaise sauce that is a calming blend of tart creaminess that contrasts very nicely with the smoky salty salmon pieces. The english muffin was unexpectedly sturdy, it was more of a biscuit than a fluffy muffin. A kitchen mishap or not, I won’t know but I loved the contrast in texture though it could get a little messy to eat.

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The other option of Eggs Benedict

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Alternatively, one could also opt for the Eggs Cocotte. Individually served in a small ramekin and a side of toasted bread, the entire dish was a tasty offering. The eggs cocotte was a touch thick and heavy with a slightly saltiness that made it yummy on its own. The toast was the winner here as it just seemed more than just bread made crisp. There was a certain aroma from it that I just couldn’t place my finger on. Have that with the eggs for a wholesome brunch filler.

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I also ordered a few dishes off the regular brunch menu. The Salade “De la mer” ($16). This combination of avocado, shrimps, grilled shallots, grapefruit, lettuce and a balsamic vinegar dressing was quaintly refreshing and very filling. The choice of bitter tangy sweet grapefruit is a contrast to the neutral grassy flavours of lettuce and sweet prawns. The avocado pieces harmonized nicely with the balsamic vinegar dressing in quelling its heaviness. I just thought that the grilled shallots were a little out of place here, though some might say that their obvious aromatics are the winner to the dish.

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As all who may know that I am by quite a Cheese enthusiast, I was particularly delighted with my order of Cheese Platter ($29). An assortment of 6 different varieties of French cheeses were cut generously for the platter, with a side of quince paste, walnuts and grapes. Most I could hardly recognize, and each a beauty on its own. Lovely.

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Doesn’t this look beautiful

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A sweet and tart dessert to end off or even begin the brunch has to be the Fromage blanc aux fruits rouges ($9). A simple concoction of mixed berries and creamy light french yoghurt. I wish I discovered this earlier. It was so good.

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The dining experience at Ô Batignolles is what I envision to be perfect for that Paris bistro by the river side. The concept is simple, with nothing overly pretentious. The food may not be stellar, but definitely homely and comforting with the occasional surprises of unique flavours along the way. And for the spirit of generosity, go for their Cheese, Meat or Mixed platters. I would make a return visit just for this. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed brunch from start to end and it was just relaxing to sit in the bistro, and while the day away. Make that little trip to Paris just by visiting Ô Batignolles, you might just be pleasantly surprised as well.

Thank you Ô Batignolles for the invitation

Ô Batignolles
No. 2 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069247
Reservations: 6438 3913
www.obatignolles.comBrunch “Champagne & Croissants” – $89 (free flow Champagne & Croissants)
Brunch set without free flow Champagne & Croissants – $29
A La Carte Brunch available