Around De World For A Pasta Affair


I have never really explored Bugis thoroughly before and believe me, my breath was quite taken away when I adventured through the backdoor of Bugis Junction into Liang Seah Street.

From where I stood, it seemed like an endless row of shophouses with restaurants, cafes, dessert shops all decorating the ground floor. And imagine my joy when I found a little pasta shoppe called Around De World.


Woof Woof, Welcome!

The cafe’s specialty Curry Up My Life ($14.80) pasta is served up with a good spoonful of curried gravy all about and sprinkled with a generous dose of spiced curry powder. The choice of spaghetti in this dish carries up a decent amount of the sauce such that the slight saltishness does not overpower the tastebuds. Since I chose my dish to be “mild” in hotness level, the amount of spice used was moderate. For a Italian dish fused with local flavours, this is an interesting take for curried spaghetti. Personally, I did not go for the crayfish but it is still a refreshing concept of marrying two different ideals altogether.

Around De World definitely provides an entertaining and clean take on what is the traditional Italian dish. Interesting sauces keep the menu alive and while I have only tried one dish, I am keen in looking out for the other creations on the list. The atmosphere is very relaxed with a no rush environment. Its a place for one to take a pit stop, to indulge, or even to engage in a lively conversation with the desserts available at hand.

Around De World – A Pasta Affair

12 Liang Seah Street

Tel : 6336 5519

Opens From :
12pm – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 12pm – 1am
(Closed on Sun)

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