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Guests looking for a hearty Italian Grill offering in town, coupled with a decent, romantic view of Orchard Road will be pleased to discover Arossa Wine and Grill restaurant located at Scotts Square. Helmed by Chef Chiaki Watanabe, the restaurant focuses on the tagline that simplicity is key. Wine aficionados will also be interested in the selection of over a 120 labels of wine.

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Warm Focaccia and Toasted Bread

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Olive Dip

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Start of with the Burrata $38. I was pleasantly surprised by the extremely generous portion of burrata cheese placed atop the sliced Sicilian tomatoes. The Cheese was creamy and fluffy, with a light, sweet tenderness that complemented well with the fresh and crisp tomatoes. A touch of basil pesto livened the flavours further. A favourite to begin the entire meal.

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The Calamari $22, presented on a wooden board for that extra visual appeal, was crisp and juicy, with good flavours bursting in each bite. Some may adore the Spicy Aioli sauce, although I do think that a stronger use of garlic and olive oil would be great to complement and bring out the flavours of the sea.

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The Lasagne di Melanzane $23 was a hefty appetiser of eggplant, fontina cheese, parmigiano reggiano, basil and tomato sauce. Slices of eggplant are cooked Lasagne style, with copious amount of sauce in between. Umami rich with the sweet unique bright flavours of eggplant. An interesting choice for some, but not my favourite.

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The first main of Chitarra $29 is worth the recommendation. Home made square cut long pasta is tossed with sea urchin paste, chives and peperoncino. I adored the rich, creamy flavours that hinted of streaks of uni. The slight heat from the peperoncino gave that quintessential twist to the dish. And the fresh pasta was nicely textured with a good chew altogether.

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Fans of comfort food will probably go for the Gnocchi $24 served in a four cheese sauce. Nothing seems more inviting than having home made potato Gnocchi paired with the wonderful goodness of cheese. The Gnocchi was fresh and very soft, with a mild nutty savouries tucked within. Having that with a richly flavoured and creamy sauce made from four different cheeses was simply satisfying.

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I would also highly recommend going for the Guanciale di Manzo $37. Piemonte Style Beef Cheek Braised in Red Wine and Acacia Honey stood out for both the fatty and luxuriously soft beef, and a decadent accompany sauce that was both floral and savoury. The red wine Braised the meat exceptionally well, tenderising the beef cheek lavishly. I thought the touch of honey was the beauty in this dish, lending a floral sweetness that is just so different.

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The Tonno $36 – Grilled Blue Fin Tuna with Salsa Fresh Tomatoes, was decent and fresh. A hefty portion of the only fish is Grilled to perfection. It is a fair complement as variety to the Braised beef cheek, although I will still order the latter if given the choice.

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Tiramisu $10 with sweet mascarpone and hazelnut flavour.

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I enjoyed the Torta di Mele $10 as a final round up to the meal. The warm apple tart with the topping of rum and raising gelato was a beautiful contrast in flavours, textures and sweetness. Imagine the satisfying sweet and tart cooked apples that will make you go mmmmm. Only to have that mmmmm extend further with the little notes of refreshing gelato by the side.

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’12 Terrazas Reserva
By Glass: $16 By Bottle: $75

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Castello Di Gabbiano “La Braja” Barbera d’Asti DOC 2010
By Glass: $17 By Bottle: $85

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Dinner at Arossa Wine and Grill was a beautiful affair, well recommended for guests wanting a new place to try for a date. It’s cozy setting by the window side are the prime seats that make a gorgeous setting during both lunch and dinner. Most of the dishes are homely and satisfying, with highlights like the Chitarra and Beef Cheek standing out from the crowd. The rest are the more regular fare prepared with fresh produce that will always make a decent serving. Guests looking for a good spread of wines to select from may want to take a closer look at Arossa. A worthy place for a second visit.

Thank you Arossa Wine & Grill for the invitation.

Arossa Wine & Grill
Scotts Square
6 Scotts Square
Reservations : 6636 2951
Opens from :
11.30am to 3pm
6pm to 10.30pm