And The Results Are….

Nope I didn’t win. But hey its ok!

First and foremost, I want to give my thanks to all my supporters out there – my loyal blog readers, my friends, my family, Bob who lives down the “random” street, Jasmine working in that coffeeshop which I never visited. This blog has made it this far today because of everyone’s support =) And it is you guys who have maintained this blog to be in the Top 3 of the competition for the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 during the voting period. Nevertheless, I will still be placing my best effort to scour Singapore for you to indulge yourself in the best food available at affordable prices!

Got a piece of good news to share. In the Finest Foodies Friday (A weekly column on favourite food blogs around the World), this blog was selected as a feature for the week =) Three cheers for that! You can read the short writeup by clicking the link here by TheLeftOverQueen and The Foodie Blogroll.

or read it in the quote below :

Food & Creativity Meet The Web by Jenn DiPiazza (Freelance Food & Travel Writer, Florida, USA)

This blog is written by Justin, who is a student in Singapore that has been blogging about food for 6 years! Six years may not seem like a long time, but in terms of blogging, Justin is one of those food blogging pioneers. In 2007, he decided to take a new perspective on blogging – one that involves doing food reviews. He likes to focus those reviews on restaurants that give you the best food, for the best value. Being a student, and expert of Singaporean food for so many years, he would know! Although I have never been to Singapore, this blog is awesome for learning about all the diverse foods that make up the cuisine of Singapore.

Ok wait, I need to get back to my Mega McSpicy..cya later !

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About the Author:

Justin is a lover of food and all things photographically beautiful. Armed with a camera and an appetite, he is on the lookout for dishes that will leave a memorable memory. Come join him in this gastronomic adventure as he goes around Singapore documenting the food that is worth sharing with everybody! And if you have something to recommend, drop him an email to get in touch.

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