Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee. Gravy So Good You Can Lick The Bowl.

DSCF6695 Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee
531A Upper Cross Street
Hong Lim Food Centre

Rich, aromatic coconut curry will tempt the senses.


Look at all that curry goodness. Slurpingly Delicious.

Call for excellent Curry Chicken Noodles and Ah Heng’s stall will probably ring in the mind for those who know. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city at Hong Lim Food Centre, the stall of 4 years rummages a long queue of devoted patrons.

Hit the link to find out why people are queuing!


The curry chicken noodles just has ingredients that go well with each other. A spicy, sweet and aromatic rich coconut curry fills the bowl to the brim. Add that together with tender chicken, crisp beansprouts and the all favourite beancurd and what you have is a well mixed, all-round tasty delight packing a punch for being savoury, sweet as well as appetizing.

Still as a personal preference, I would have preferred the gravy to be a little more spicier. I feel that an excellent curry chicken while being aromatic and tasty should also rise to make you sweat. To the extent that it will still leave you with the breath for even more.


The ground chilli provided is also good, however it lacked the zest needed of that extra spiciness. Instead it provided a more seafood flavour to the dish.

Yet for the price of $5.50 (the largest option), I felt the serving was a little small for its price. However, if you have the pang for relishing a hot bowl of fragrant curry together with noodles, Ah Heng might just be the stall for you. DSCF6679


Best of all, finish off the dish with a glass of refreshing cool pure sugar cane juice topped with ice! Ah, what a way to eat =)
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