A Yuletide Celebration At Parkroyal on Beach Road!



As I begin typing this article, the background music from Celtic Woman began playing The First Noel. It strikes me much to think much about what the Christmas celebration is all about. The coming of Christ and the magical beauty the night brings through God. In a moment of rejoice, Christmas celebration is about being with family and friends, and being thankful for what you have. The music was a fitting pairing with the Blue, White and Silver Christmas tree that I saw at Parkroyal on Beach Road. Tranquillity of the moment, with the gentle sparkle – this is one Christmas to celebrate wherever you are.

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Photo Credit : Parkroyal on Beach Road

Plaza Brasserie at Parkroyal on Beach Road offers for the first time this Christmas season the sumptuous addition of Roast Pork Knuckle as part of the festive spread. Served together with Spicy Sauce and Red Wine Sauce, the pork knuckle I tried was wonderfully crispy on the outside and tender within. The flavours were not overbearing but carried a gentle warmth and aroma that showed Executive Chef Jackson’s finesse.

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Photo Credit : Parkroyal on Beach Road

The traditional Roasted Turkey is not to be missed as well. Almost a staple at the Christmas dinner table, this is one night to truly be thankful for.


In addition to the Pork Knuckles and slices of Roast Turkey, I also had the Honey Baked Ham.  Meaty and firm, with a touch of saltiness that tickled the tastebuds to further accentuate the slight sweetness of the ham, this was a wonderful serving of Christmas season meats for my lunch table


Special this festive season, appetizers were served in shot glasses. I particularly enjoyed the Chestnut delish (the one in yellow).


The buffet spread at Plaza Brasserie features an Asian themed staple with the occasional seasonal delights added on top of the existing offering. Having just got back from India, I was excited about the Indian culinary delights offered. Yet, I didn’t take any this time round as the flavours of curry and dahl the past two weeks was exerting a toll and I craved for a slight change today.


Still the butter chicken and pratha looks fab.


And if you are one who loves Oyster Omellete, there is a station freshly preparing the rich crisp dish for your tastebuds pleasure.

IMG_8451 IMG_8455IMG_8458 IMG_8459

Clockwise : Pork Knuckle, Tempura, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Laksa


Christmas sweets to go round the dinner table. The Yule Log!



Fruit Cake with chunks of glazed cherries!


Warm and Fuzzy Pecan Tart


Christmas glitter lending a sparkle to the food


As I sat past the lunch hour, the staff began decorating the restaurant for the Christmas eve dinner celebration. Party hats, balloons, and a secret gift for each diner was the call for the night. I would love to be there!




While Red and Gold is almost the traditional homely colour of Christmas, Blue, White and Silver reminds us of the peacefulness and tranquillity of the season. This Yuletide Celebration at Parkroyal on Beach Road Plaza Brasserie is positioned quite uniquely this year with a decent delectable Christmas spread at family friendly prices. It is available till the New Year of 2013, so the joy is still there to be shared. And while you are there, do remember to indulge in a serving of the sweet savoury Chestnut broth to partake in the flavours of warm and fuzzy December.

Christmas, to usher in the light. With your family and friends.
Wherever you are. Whatever you do.
Tis the season to rejoice.

Many Thanks to Parkroyal on Beach Road for the invitation

Plaza Brasserie
Parkroyal on Beach Road
7500A Beach Road
Tel : 6505 5666

Prices :

Pre-New Year (26th 30th Dec)
Lunch – Adult $40 ; Child $24
Dinner – Adult $55 ; Child $33

New Year’s Eve (31st Dec)
Lunch – Adult $40 ; Child $24
Dinner – Adult $80 ; Child $48

New Year’s Day (1st Jan 2013)
Lunch – Adult $60 ; Child $36
Dinner – Adult $60 ; Child $36