A Window To Korea Through Chang


Seafood Kimchi Pancake

I always had this certain subtle fascination for Korean Food. Simple, yet exquisite. It is perhaps a blend of both homeliness and art. And when dinner time struck, I possibly had my biggest moment of decision making for the day as I contemplated between a Japanese Steamboat buffet or a Korean restaurant. Till It was finally settled at Chang Korean Grill & Noodle at Bugis’s latest shopping mall, Iluma.

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Top : Beef Bulgogy Before Cooking

Chang places itself well as a modern Korean restaurant. I was surprised to find that most of its service staff there were actually Koreans. And some of them had the typical Korean movie star looks.


The traditional serving of side dishes at the start of the meal is not forgotten at Chang. Here, there is a serving of 6 side dishes comprising of Beansprouts, Salad, Kimchi, Pickled Spinach, Pickled Papaya and Anchovies. Additional refills are on request.


Beef Bulgogy After Cooking

The Beef Bulgogy was on a promotion when I visited Chang. Usually priced at $19.80 per set, it was now available at $11.80, with the condition that you order a minimum of two sets. The portions for two sets are just about there for a pair to enjoy.

When it comes to taste, the beef is slightly tender and a little chewy. The flavour is a mix of savouriness with sweetness, typically types that is enough to make your stomach crave for more. I enjoyed the rich juices from the cook beef that were gathered at the base of the pan. Excellent.


A recommended item in the menu, the Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Salad ($7.80) is foremost a very starchy dish. The choice of sweet potato and pumpkin naturally leaves the overall bite sweet and creamy. I felt it was a very good appetizer for me though it takes a little time to finish.


I always had a penchant to order the Korean Kimchi Pancake whenever I am at Joseon restaurant. The Seafood Kimchi Pancake at Chang did not disappoint. The whole piece was panfried to a crisp texture with flavours balancing the line between subtlety and savouriness. Crunchy prawns added bite to each piece. $9.80 grabs one serving.


The modern setting of the restaurant sets itself apart from your impression of a traditional Korean establishment. It was an enjoyable visit and worth visiting again. Hmmm, I wonder what should my next visit be?

_MG_0088 Chang Korean Grill & Noodle
201 Victoria Street
Opening Hours : 11.30am to 10.30pm

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