A Warm-Hearted Special Mid-Autumn Reunion Dinner At Jade, The Fullerton Hotel!


The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Jade Restaurant is celebrating this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival with a Reunion Dinner Feast held from the 25th of August to the 8th of September. This specially crafted six course meal that draws inspiration from Mid-Autumn folklore, is priced at $88++ per person, and will be prepared by Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng and his team for friends and family who wish to enjoy a warm-hearted dinner ending off with mooncakes amidst the elegance of Jade restaurant.


Start off with Trio of Mid-Autumn Delights. The Shredded Chicken with Preserved Fruit in Honey Mustard Dressing is as appetizing as the name suggests. A playful combination of savoury chicken, sweet and crisp preserved fruit, and a hearty sweet honey mustard dressing opens up the appetite. Plated on a crispy rice basket, this portion of the appetizer represents the moon that is the foundational theme of this festival.  Next, enjoy the wrapped Tea-smoked Bean Curd Carrot Roll for a hearty cross of ngoh hiang and carrots. It was a favourite for me.


The Steamed Sea Prawn Roll with Capsicum and Mushroom


The whiteness is the Boiled Sea Garoupa Soup with Black Fungus and Chinese Wine comes from the arduous hours of boiling and toiling of fish bones over the stove. The result is a creamy white and silky smooth broth that is rich in a sweet savoury flavour that will leave you smacking your lips in satisfaction. A thorough satisfaction.


The Fragrant Crispy Duck Stuffed with Yam Paste is a quirky combination of textures ranging from the velvety smooth to the crisp, crunchy sound of the pastry shell. A wholesome and hearty presentation that is almost a far cousin of the dim sum Deep Fried Yam Ball.


The Stewed Whole Abalone with Dried Scallop and Homemade Edamame Bean Curd was an instant favourite around the table. While the abalone is a luxurious addition to the dish, the key subject here is the home made bean curd that is charming flavoured from the umami, savoury to the nutty sweet and exciting.


For a healthy and savoury end, tuck in to the Fragrant Wok-Fried Five Grain Rice with Crab Meat. A touch oily with a light, fragrant smokiness encapsulated within each serve, this portion of rice was a nutty end to the entire meal.


To finish off the meal, enjoy the spread of Shaved Almond Ice with Osmanthus Jelly, chilled Rabbit Egg White Cake, and Petite Traditional Oven-baked and Snowskin Mooncakes. The Almond Ice was simply refreshing and remarkable. Its smooth, sweet fragrance was wonderfully complemented with bouncy osmanthus jelly and pieces of dried longan. The Cake was a too cute to be eaten, but I ate the ears first.

An interesting mooncake to look out for this year is the Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake. Traditional flavour partners, these were excellent additions to the snowskin lineup.


The Mid-Autumn Reunion Dinner Feast is one more option on the reunion location choices for this year’s festivities. The 6 course meal is generally flavourful and heartwarming, with favourites like the Stewed Abalone with Dried Scallops and Edameme Bean Curd and the Boiled Sea Garoupa Soup leaving a cozy and tasty impression. The six-course option will be available from the 25th of August to the 8th of September for dinner only. It might be a good time to rejuvenate with some of Chef Leong’s creations.

Thank you The Fullerton Hotel Singapore for the invitation

Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square
Reservations: 6884 6884
Opens from:11am – 2.30pm
6.30pm – 10.30pm

Mid-Autumn Reunion Dinner Feast (6 courses)
25th August – 8th September Dinner
$88++ per pax