A Touch of Refreshing Lychee Sweetness in Your Beer!


Beer with lychee, or pineapple or even white grape? Almost an outrageous statement for some. Yet, this is not the first time that I’ve had my share of fruit beers. After the trip down to Malted Milk, I was introduced to the world of fruit beers, namely Lychee and Honeydew. During this year’s beerfest,  the presence of fruit beers made an appearance as part of the welcome drink. While fruit beers may sound suspiciously like that bitter lager simply topped with fruit essence, this Taiwanese creation resembles more of that serving of fruity wine. Whether it is a man-enough drink, I would say all that really matters is how your palate enjoys the beer’s sweetness and bubbly texture.


Kaimay Trading in addition to the range of fruit beers is also bringing in Taiwan Beer. Also lightly natured, with a subtle bitter flavour but a longer sweeter aftertaste, the Taiwan beer is really easy to drink. A very good starter beer I might add.


Taiwan Beer, Mango Beer, Lychee Beer, Pineapple Beer, White Grape Beer

The real prize is really the fruit beer assortments. While not all the flavours are available locally, I would say that my favourites are really the Lychee, White Grape and in my unique acquired preference, the Pineapple. The lychee was really just smooth from start to finish, while the White Grape reminded me alot of the Aloe Vera White Grape can drinks I used to drink during National Service. The Pineapple was really peculiar with a tangy afternote here and there, but what left me craving was its fragrance that attracted me like bees to honey.


Taiwan Sweet Touch beers are now available at most Fairprice outlets. It makes a great party drink because of its light alcohol content, sweet nature and familiarity. While some might still prefer their usual ale fresh out of the barrel, this is one more option to choose from depending on the occasion!