A Taste of Thai in Beach Road at Ah Loy Thai

It was an impromptu gathering session, when suddenly an Events page on Facebook was setup for a group of my council friends to visit Ah Loy Thai for lunch. The location definitely made me extremely interested as I’ve seen quite a number of nice pictures online as well.

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Approximately 50 odd Thai dishes and specialties are available on the menu, and the price range for each dish starts from $5.50 onwards. Portions are generally comfortable for up to 2 persons but if you would choose to order and share just like us, it is definitely possible and the best part, you get to try a little bit of everything else.


I started off with the Thai Fried To Fu ($5.50). Generally tasty and well garnished with lots of cucumber strips, lettuce base, deep fried tofu pieces and a good dollop of peanut sweet and spicy sauce, this dish was a clear favourite as a light starter for those at my table.


The Thai Green Curry ($6.50) at Ah Loy Thai is a good rendition of the traditional spicy green dish. Slightly green with pieces of chicken meat, and I don’t know why fishballs, the curry was spicy sweet with a decent amount of thickness that could have been souped up with more coconut milk. Still it was fragrant and tasty, and it was finished to the last drop.


For a dish a little more sweet, crispy and savoury, there is the Thai Mango Crispy Chicken ($7.50). Just as the dish’s name says, this is a dish of Crispy Chicken with slices of Thai Mango and it is served atop a base of sweet and slightly tangy clear sauce. The sauce is the unique factor in creating another dimension in flavours to this dish and it opens up the palate to the next piece. However, I felt that by digging into the sauce too much, one gets easily tired of the flavour if not cleared with a good bowl of hot white rice.


The Pineapple Fried Rice ($5.90) has good chunks of pineapple strewn about. In terms of flavour, the savouriness of the dish stood out while the sweet fruitiness from the golden apple and raisins calm the senses down. Nice, but I miss the one that is available at Yishun.


The Phad Thai ($5.90) is ok, though I felt that stronger seasonings could be use to pack more punch into the flavour.


And then comes the Tom Yum Seafood ($6.90). You might have noticed that the photo here and the one at the top are slightly different in colour because the first picture was taken with my flash. Still, it is the same dish and I was quite impressed with the Tom Yum. For $6.90 I felt that the serving was quite huge, and even though the ingredients tended to be balanced towards the more mushrooms side, the impact of the tom yum was a nice balance between sourness, seafood savouriness and a crisp refreshing aftertaste. Definitely not the hottest tom yum where you would sweat tears just to enjoy it, but one that is palatable for most.


I don’t know how Thai this is but the Thai Asparagus with Seafood ($5.80) is quite good. Very nice flavours and good seasoning is used throughout to bring out the natural sweet flavours of the crisp spears.


Kelvin, Rachel, Me, Keng Huang, Cepheus, Nicholas, Chun Hui, Cheryl, Cherie, Wei Tian


Ah Loy Thai’s extended seating area.


The old-er shop front

Ah Loy Thai definitely has a good spread of family friend dishes with well packed flavours for each guest, that I feel I would love to make a return visit soon. And I’ve heard much about the Fried Calamari even though I did not get to try that at this lunch. Still, once the meal is over, you could probably head opposite to Tom’s Palette for a scoop of their Fine Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream which I had.

And it was so good.

Could Ah Loy Thai be the Best Affordable Thai Restaurant in Singapore? Opinions?

Ah Loy Thai
100 Beach Road
Shaw Tower

Tel : 9165 1543

Opens From
Mon–Fri: 12pm – 8.15pm
Sat–Sun: 1pm – 7.15pm
(Closed on PH)