A Seaworthy Trip For Keisuke Ebi Ramen


In the new extension of Millenia Walk, i.e the one that is named Parco Marina Bay, lies a small little “township” of Japanese Restaurants on the 3rd floor. All of which are new to the scene and at least two ramen shops amongst the fray.

My visit to Keisuke Ebi Ramen Restaurant would perhaps not have happen if not for the petite waitress at the front door suddenly bursting into an exhilarating exclamation of “Irasshaimase!“ And a loud one at that.

This ramen shop is perhaps a little more different from the rest as instead of the traditional collagen rich pork bones soup, miso based soup or even shoyu based soup, this broth is made richly from the essence of prawns.

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Today being Day 3 of Parco’s opening, the restaurant was naturally packed with the new food hunters willing to give anything a try with their wallets square open. I had the Ebi Ramen Special, going at a lovely price of Nineteen dollars and served in a bowl with its based slanted towards me.

On first appearance the broth looked a little thin and I half expected the taste of more shoyu than prawns. But instead, the soup was wholesome in the essence of prawns such that the first sip leaves the mouth crisp but the afterbreath wanting more. Quite good, though some Singaporeans would naturally associate the taste to that good ol Prawn Noodles that they used to have all over the island.

The accompaniment of the ramen itself was firm to the bite but not as springy as I would have liked. And it would probably be a little better if the noodles were slightly starchier so that it could “carry” the soup up along more efficiently for that richer flavour when combined to taste.

Since this is the “special”, all 4 extra condiments were added – Wantons, Specialty Egg, Chicken Chasu and Marinated Lettuce Stem. I have no complaints about the Wantons as the whole prawn within was fresh, crunchy and rejuvenating with the silky smooth wanton skin.

The specialty egg was decently braised in sauce with the yolk a little creamy and in a deep orange hue. The marinated lettuce stem was a great crunch filler though a little sad looking with its droopy texture and mud green colour.

My only gripe would probably be the Chicken Chashu as the piece I got was tough to the bite that it was sincerely hard to chew a portion off. Still, plus points go to the way in which the chicken was prepared as the entire piece of meat was well flavoured with parts being juicy and entertaining on the tongue.

The ambience of Keisuke is perhaps not that of your typical Japanese ramen shop as its atmosphere is more modern with a good retrofit of colour, lights and a cozy atmosphere. The kitchen presents itself in an open concept that shows the chefs preparing that bowl of ramen in an almost systematic fashion.

When it comes to value of money, the richness of the broth would be the reason of encouragement. More work could be done in the actual noodle department.

One more Ramen shop down, and perhaps the next time I would try the other shop on the same floor. Or even maybe that Italian restaurant that stands so awkwardly alone in the center flooded by an entourage from the land of the rising sun.

IMG_6167 Keisuke Ebi-Ramen
Parco Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk
Tel : 6337 7919

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