A Sakae Lunch Along A Christmasy Orchard Road


I intended to bring my buddies out for a Sakae meal this month but I felt that it would be more special if done next month, especially with Christmas around the corner =) A Christmas lunch and also a treat. Two for the price of one, eh!

This month’s Sakae Sushi visit brings me to the outlet at Wisma Atria together with my  Grandma, Mum, Aunts and Uncle. My plan was to treat them and to starve myself, so that I could go to Taste Paradise later on. Unfortunately, the table ordered too much (once again, and not a surprise). Which means I ended up eating a lot of food. Heh, not that I mind.


 Tempura with Yuzu Soba

First up, Tempura with Yuzu Soba. Nothing too special, but neither is it too ordinary. I liked the crispy tempura and the Yuzu Soba was crisp to the bite. Very different from that packet of Instant Noodles. It goes very well with the Soba sauce dip.


Sunshine Maki 

As per standard now at Sakae Sushi, I will order the Sunshine Maki and Dragon Roll. I found the Sunshine Maki at the Wisma outlet to be slightly more generous in the mango slices but skimpier in the size of the tempura prawn. Nonetheless, this is still a classic that was enjoyed by everyone.


Chicken Sukiyaki 

Last night I went to Sakae at Sun Plaza and ordered the Beef Sukiyaki. Today, my Aunty Eng ordered the Chicken Sukiyaki. This was a dish that will be well remembered by everyone for being both a tad salty and a tad too sweet for the tastebuds. I tried to ease the situation by pouring a few cups (small cups mind you) of hot water in to dilute the taste. Turned out to be slightly better and more sukiyaki to go around. Heh, now I know what to do when I open up my own Sukiyaki restaurant one day.


 Mixed Vegetable Tempura

Grandma thoroughly enjoyed the tempura. We ordered the tempura makis, 2 platters of kakiage and still it wasn’t enough. So as an after lunch digestive snack, we called for the mixed vegetable tempura. I found the King Oyster Mushroom tempura to be slightly tough to chew on but the rest were ok when dipped in the tempura sauce.


Grandma had the Salmon and Chicken Bento. She liked it but the portion was too much for her. I finished it =) And she rediscovered the flavours of wasabi and pickled ginger. Who knew according to her, wasabi is Japanese Chilli.


Premium Bento shared between Aunty Florence and Uncle Chuan Beng (bento set excludes the 2 kakiage and unagi tofu in the picture)


The unagi tofu was good. Normally, my grandma wouldn’t eat tofu, but this is the first time she finished one whole piece by herself. I knew it, pair grilled eel with anything and it will taste good.

Apart from these, we also ordered the Salmon Fish Head, Salmon and Tuna sashimi, Sakae Chawanmushi, Tempura Ice Cream, Mochi and a Dragon Roll.


Strawberry Smiles – I don’t know why I keep calling them Strawberry Kisses 

Sakae should expand its dessert menu. Three types of desserts at its outlets is going to be a bit repetitive for the frequent visitor. Today the focus was on the Strawberry Smiles. Some will enjoy the frozen sweet sour texture of the strawberry paired with the mild sweet cream inside while some will think its going to chip their tooth. Still, its a refreshing dessert to any hot day in Singapore. Now, what about using fresh strawberries and fresh cream piped in, chilled and then served?


In total I parted with about $160 for 6 people at Sakae Sushi. Not too bad when you consider the food is decent, but I must add that the service provided from the manager Carol was impressive. Sakae, I will be back!


Cheese! For this photo, I took their Museum pamphlets and badges. Quite nice too!

After lunch, mum and I decided to snap some shots of the scenery along Orchard Road but look at what I found? A samsui woman, a coolie, 2 architects (or postmen), 1 stamford raffles trying to be a lookalike and 2 peranakan girls. Interesting promotional campaign for the Museums in Singapore. And especially with APEC on right now, this would definitely be an eyeopener to the diversity that makes up Singapore.


Isn’t it great whenever there is something free? Somehow, a waxing (as in hair removal and not Madam Tussauds ) establishment thought that it would be a great gimmick to “employ” the ice cream pushcart uncle and offer free ice cream to anyone. Just imagine the queue. And this not only applies to your typical Singaporeans, throngs of foreigners were lining in a single file. Oh well, anything to beat the heat in Singapore.


Strike a pose, Ms. Reindeer

One week into November and Christmas decorations adorn the streets and trees and pavements and lamposts and ERP gantries of Orchard Road. A little early but its a clear sign of a celebration to look forward to. Christmas, and we will once again rejoice. For the world, and for the passion of food which brings us all together.