A Rakuzen Food Blogger’s Gathering


Today’s lunch was a Food Blogger’s meet up with the girls. Angeline and Janelle (SistaFooD), Elaine (Divine Essentials), Kaelyn (My Food Sirens II) and me decided to get together and warm our stomachs, eyes and cameras. We chose to dine at Rakuzen, one of the more popular Japanese restaurants in Singapore to start off.


Maguro Yukke – Chopped Tuna Sashimi with Avocado and Sesame

Rakuzen as a Japanese eatery features dishes that contain fresh ingredients, skilled craftsmanship and delicate taste that aims to rally devotees of traditional Japanese cuisine and perhaps those looking for a fusion between the East and the West.

A very wide variety is available in the menu and choosing what to eat would probably be very hard to decide. For me, I chose to go with the crowd and decided to order the Maguro Yukke as its uniqueness and pairing tuna with avocado called out to me.


Maguro Yukke ($18.00) 

The Maguro Yukke or Tuna Sashimi served with Avocado is upfront a very raw dish. There is a layer of sliced avocados acting as the base, chopped fresh tuna sashimi as the second layer and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, black beans and sauce on the top. Of course, the design is complete with a touch of a raw quail egg yolk.


When it comes to taste, the Maguro Yukke is surprisingly very cool and delicate. The only instance when a strong flavour strikes is when the salted fermented black bean pairs with tuna. Other than that, the dish itself stands out as light and airy with the creamy texture of the avocado.


Stamina Roll ($8.00) – Maki with eel and avocado within and topped with more eel.

Janelle and Angeline decided to order the Stamina Roll and Spider Roll. The Stamina Roll itself is quite good with the generous juicy portion of eel dressed on top of the rice. A good mix of savouriness and umami but the avocado within can be considered non existent as the strong flavours of the eel masked its creamy taste.


Spider Roll ($8.00) – Maki with Soft Shell Crab smothered within

The Spider Roll looked good with a hefty coating of Flying Fish roe all over. But when it comes to taste, the sushi stood out as rather ordinary and plain tasting. Though I did like the crunch that came with the crispy soft shell crab.


Atsuyaki Tamago ($6.00) – Rolled Sweet Egg

Elaine called for the Atsuyaki Tamgao and to what I think, this would be a dish popular with many. The sweetened egg omellete is firm in a compact layer and reveals a juicy interior upon each bite. It could be touched up with a hint of salt or soya sauce though.


Salmon Sashimi ($10.00)

The Salmon Sashimi is probably one of the freshest I’ve tasted. Huge, thick slices of the salmon were served up in all its natural glory. It tasted crisp and had a cool, refreshing after taste. The next time round, I so have to try the other types of sashimi. I wonder if their Ika is translucent as a sign of freshness?


Renkon Natto ($8.00) – Lotus Root Slices served with Fermented Soya Beans

Kaelyn was telling us that to enjoy Natto would be an acquired taste not adaptable by many. And I have to agree. The last I bought Natto by the boxful, I liked the first scoop, enjoyed the second, but my stomach turned at the third and the fourth mouthfuls. But if you enjoy the sticky, stringy looks of the fermented soya beans, then perhaps Renkon Natto might be a dish for you to order.

The dish came with slices of Lotus Root drizzled in a sweet and a little too salty sauce. However, I don’t see how the both the lotus roots and Natto are to be eaten together as I would eat it separately. Good, but not good enough.


Rakuzen’s interior offers a cozy and upmarket feel and definitely a place to impress guests. Of course, the slightly pricey range also sets to impress others as well.


For freshness and quality, Rakuzen stands as a strong candidate. Its unique creation of dishes is also a strong contender is the local Japanese scene though some of it are strangely familiar. The prices on the menu are what one would consider Mid-Range to Exquisite numbers as one would be paying for the quality ingredients that go into each creation.

I would love to visit Rakuzen again, of course, to go back for their Maguro Yukke and maybe to feast on that long awaited Sea Urchin that has been calling my name since last week.

IMG_1336 Rakuzen
9 Raffles Boulevard
Millenia Walk
Tel : 6333 1171


Impressive dishes, Impressive Prices, Impressive Quality. At Rakuzen

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