A Pastamanian Breakfast


Breakfast Mezzo SetLooks good right?

After a little morning exercise this morning with buddies, Michel, Anthony and Leroy (not including the fact that we met Brian Raj at his house for a little chat), the lot of us decided to indulge in a little breakfast at Pastamania. Rather ironic that we exercise, only to indulge in food after.

Michel ordered the Breakfast Mezzo Set ($4.70) at the Sun Plaza outlet. There was 1 Croissant, 3 slices of slightly thick chicken ham and a portion of scrambled eggs. While the price might seem decent, we were left a little disappointed.


Camera trick…and a meal not worth its price.

The portion of meal that came out was a little, erm how should I put it….miserable? It was served on a small platter that seemed suitable to place a cupcake on it. (Ok maybe I am exaggerating, but at most a muffin). The scrambled eggs as seen in the picture was as large as the fork itself. A bit disappointing when The Big Breakfast at Mac Donald’s might be better for a couple of cents more.


I ordered the Chicken Pizza Tasca ($3.20). Looks plain, with minimal callsigns for attention, it was actually good enough for its price. There was hashbrowns, chopped chicken and a little salad bundled in a crispy (I suppose) pizza skin.

Oh well, breakfast at Pastamania may not be a choice for me anytime soon still.