A Muesli Breakfast Complete with Berries all over!

Merry Christmas everybody! It was great waking up late to this cheery Sunday morning (even if it was raining), as it just seemed like the festive spirit is high in the air. Tucking in to breakfast on this Christmas morning would be something light and not to heavy on the tummy since dinner would be a buffet spread at Triple Three Meritus Mandarin to celebrate both the occasion and my mum’s 51st birthday. I made the choice to start this day then with Vogel’s Muesli. A mix of ingredients such as cereal, crisp clusters, manuka honey, blackcurrant juice and West African cocoa all packed within, and since it’s a cereal rich in berries, I had to have more berries (fresh that is!) to go along.

Vogel has long had a established history in Singapore for over 60 years. And with the launch of their premium muesli and cereal range, I think options for “breakfast is very important” choices has spread a little wider. There is the Vogel’s Family Packs and the Vogel’s Cafe-Style Range to begin with.

I first had a little of Cafe-Style Muesli Clusters which had a cranberries and spirulina combined within. Nutty with a mix of four grains, the cereal is quite tasty to snack on its own with no cloying sweet aftertaste. Go for the huge pieces for the crispy texture!

Add some berries and prepare some milk by the side, and its ready!

For something a little finer and really more breakfast like, there is the Vogel’s Super Natural Muesli. It comes with a mix of grains and dried fruit such as goji, acai, raspberry, cranberry and blueberry all blended within. Looks a little like a rich oats delight to me, but hey I reckon it’s very smooth to the touch.


I couldn’t fathom what it would look like without berries so I had to recreate the experience again. Maybe it was a little too much, but I guess this floral pattern of strawberries is simply too stunning to not take a shot of.

Vogel’s range of premium muesli is now available at Fairprice and Cold Storage, and it is priced between $8.50 and $12.50. A little on the steep side, but for a healthy well rounded breakfast to begin your day with, and probably it can last up to two weeks, why not?