A Minister’s Love For Char Kway Teow


Minister George Yeo recently put up a thought on facebook that he enjoys the Char Kway Teow at Bedok Reservoir Road Blk 744. Intrigued by what a minister of our state would enjoy, I headed down towards the eastern part of Singapore to partake in that supposed sedap plate of fried singaporean noodles.

Aunty Wang has been running the stall for over five years already and while she may be petite in stature, she does stir up a mean dish of Char Kway Teow. I found it savoury sweet with that sultry taste of dark sweet sauce, definitely not forgetting the tinge of sambal charred within that gave a spicy flavourful kick. It was also slightly wet which means that plate of Char Kway Teow has a lipsmacking sauce all around. Of course, upon request you can call for a good spoonful of fried pork lard just to make it fantastic.


Aunty Wang posing for the camera. Say cheese!

The stall opens everyday from 7am to 10pm and during weekends, it is open till the late afternoon. Still, Aunty’s Char Kway Teow may not be in the top notch arena of flavourful, smoky wok infused extra “pang” noodles but her variety is decent and is bound to attract a good following of fans. Tell me about it, I think I’m hooked!


Aunty Wang’s plate of Char Kway Teow is simply what reminds us of good ol’ home cooked food. For Singaporeans who travels abroad often, I believe when it comes to enjoying a fantastic feast of culinary cuisine, nothing beats more than those which strike a feeling that is close to the heart.

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