A mesmerizing dinner affair at Adrift, Marina Bay Sands!


After a delightful first visit to Adrift at the Marina Bay Sands, I found my way back to the restaurant for dinner. From the experience, I must say that dinner was a mesmerizing affair. Each dish was crafted to share, and brimming with flavours that leaves you craving for more. I was particularly enchanted with items such as the Fried Oysters, King Crab Melt, Grilled Corn and the Salt and Pepper Squid. And with each dish being reasonably priced for the thought and finesse put into it, it made the entire visit all the more memorable and delightful.


I started off with an assortment of items from the “Drinking Bites” and “Toasted” selections. The kitchen prepared a serving of Deviled Salted Egg ($6++), King Crab Melt Toast ($16++) and Toasted Mushrooms ($11++). I adored the King Crab Melt Toast. Served in a pan de mie bread and topped with pimento cheese and pieces of alaskan king crab, the sandwich was a burst off savoury and umami sweetness that deserves a slow savour. The deviled salted eggs were served with delectable pork rind, an excellent accompaniment with some alcohol. For the mushroom toast, enjoy the portion served in a sourdough bread and topped with mushroom duxelles (minced mushrooms). Enoki mushroom wrappecd with seaweed and a shiso leaf complete the presentation.


But for a personal favourite, I found the Fried Oysters with Green Garlic Black Lime Dip ($9++/pc)a delight for its burst of flavour with each mouthful. Majestic oysters from Duxton Bay, Ireland, is used for this simple but excellent creation. Experience a hearty spread of creamy sweetness that accompanies the sauce’s refreshing and silky tartness.


This dish of Basil marinated tuna ($16++) was another creation of tender, umami concoctions. Tuna, marinated with basil is stuffed with mashed avocado and then served with a papaya sauce. The dish is lastly garnished with basil oil, basil seeds and touches of shaved fennel.


Octopus, Antiboise Sauce ($12++) . Pan seared octopus was served with an antiboise sauce. While the octopus was tender and easy to the bite, I was more fascinated with the slices of tangerine by the side. The tangerine’s diminutive structure filled with a delicate citrus sweetness lightens the dish.


When it comes to the squid/octopus genre, I was actually more taken away with the Salt and Pepper Squid ($12++). Slices of Squid are marinated with olive oil, saffron and pink peppercorn before being pan seared to a light touch. The portion is then served with a squid ink aioli sauce and garnished further with pink peppercorn. The divine combination of salt and pepper is made all the more luxurious with the alkaline scented and garlic rich squid ink aioli.


For mains, I was introduced to the Wagyu Hanger Steak ($26++). A cut of Grilled Australian Wagyu is served with gremolata and then garnished with crispy garlic chips. The key here is the gremolata sauce that attempts to brighten the wagyu’s deeper, meaty flavours.


Ah but if there was one main I’d go for, it would be the Wild Masu Salmon ($38++) served with curry sauce and spiced tomatoes. The pairing of tender, fatty salmon with a surprising blend of intense curry and spiced tomatoes is definitely different compared to the more traditional fish curry served outside. While the pepperish, herbed curry scent nicely draws out and cuts the richer salmon flavour, it was the spiced tomatoes that stood out for its one thing punch delight in the mouth. Just imagined a whole tomato brimming with a good dose of honey and acidity surprising your palate when the tomato skin is ruptured.


Seared Hokkaido Scallops ($30++). The scallops are marinated with sake lees and served with snow peas, english peas, sugar snap peas and pea tendrils


I was not a fan of the Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms ($8++). Although the slices of  King Oyster Mushrooms were seasoned with salt and served with smoked tomatoes, I thought the dish’s umami tomatoes only highlighted the mushrooms’s grassier taste even further. Garnished with fried rosemary.


A new found favourite – the Grilled Corn ($8++), prepared with dashi butter sauce and topped with furikake


The side of Fried Okra ($8++) with tamarind sauce is unique as bitter sweet, crisp ladies fingers is playfully paired with a good dose of sour Assam reduction and bacon bits. Slightly oily but the Assam cute through all the heaviness.


Parfait of raspberry, rose and cocoa mochi ($9++).


Caramel French Toast, coconut sorbet, kopi syrup ($9++).


Guanaja chocolate, pot de creme, burnt marshmallow ($9++). This dessert sounds like a cup of sin and temptation all in a single sitting. Very thick and luxurious, it would be good to share.


Bee keeper, bourbon, honey, angostura, absinthe, lemon twist; Hibiscus tea gimlet – gin, fresh lime, hibiscus tea


Storm tracker – bermuddan rum, fresh ginger, lime, passion fruit.


Tuk tuk thief – aged rum, fresh pineapple, lemon, fernet branca.

Dinner at Adrift was a marked up experience over my last visit during lunch. With a much wider repertoire of dishes to choose from, it becomes clear that Chef Myers’ culinary style embodies a good mix of hearty ingredients brought out to its most flavourful degree. I enjoyed most of the dishes and found that if there was a good table of three, one can order more to share and savour a larger variety. Go for items such as the Wild Masu Salmon and the selections from the “Drinking Bites” and “Toasted” menu. Have that with a few drinks from the extensive bar menu and you are all set for the night to begin.

Thank you Adrift for the invitation.

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