A Magical Wonder With Birds @ Jurong Bird Park


It was an amazing night of mystic and magical wonder. Renowned illusionist Priscilla Kong performed at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park in a 40 minute extravaganza filled with rainbow lights, powerful dancers, enchanting music and the playful birds of the park.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as this is my first “live” magical performance. I was literally left stunned at each “trick”. For the first time ever, I SAW A MAN GET ‘SAWED’ IN HALF. Believe me, you have seen it on tv and probably on youtube, but when you see it happen in front of you, you will be left dumbfounded.


There was a huge turnout at the event. The amphitheatre was buzzing with live and excitement. It seemed like the young families of Singapore got the news and were dragged by their kids to the show. albeit willingly.

A good storyline of Priscilla’s interest in drawing, history and even the birds’ dreams were woven into the magical acts. For the moment in history, you can even meet ELVIS! The rooster of course =) I don’t think it was easy to conjure the rooster from one box to another 5 metres away with a random audience member holding it.

However as all magic trick goes, you will somewhat know what to expect as an end result. Yet still, it is more of the process which leaves you with your mouth open and eyes twinkling with the urge saying “I am going to try that if I can”

For a night’s outing on Saturday night and with the ticket price only at $12 (Adult) and $6 (child), I believe it was a performance well played. Oh yeah, Passion card members get a further discount of 20%. Woots!

A night filled with wonder and amazement, it almost seemed like it was Disney.


Me and celebrity illusionist Priscilla Kong after the performance.