A luxurious retreat to Tangerine at ESPA, Resorts World Sentosa with Chefs Forest and Sam Leong!


Few places in Singapore can offer the complete luxurious health retreat experience like that available at ESPA, Resorts World Sentosa. ESPA is proud to offer Singapore’s First Spa Holiday starting June 2013, where each guest is given a personalised programme consisting of ESPA’s signature spa treatments over the course of 1-3 nights. And while the thought of relaxing amidst the carefully manicured springs or taking a yoga class or two is available, what is also interesting is the delicacies selectively prepared by the resort’s restaurant Tangerine. Helmed by Chefs Forest and Sam Leong, all hotel and walk-in guests are welcomed to partake in a range of culinary delights that are both tasty and healthy for the overall well being of the body.


Tangerine is part of the complete experience at ESPA. My journey for lunch there was enjoyable, with the flavours lasting and memorable. It almost entices you for a closer look at the facilities offered around, and one can just imagine the holistic treatment provided by the Centre. For a glimpse at the healthy tasty proportions, open your taste buds to Tangerine.


Walk in towards Tangerine


The first thing I noted about Tangerine is that it is laid out more like charming, exquisite living room than a restaurant in particular. There is a lounge area and a dining area, but intimately positioned such that the two cannot be separated from the either. It replaces the notion of a quick eats and even noisy dinner tables into one that allows the guest to simple dine in comfort as though at home throughout the day.


Chefs Forest and Sam Leong welcoming us to the restaurant


Warm bread to break into the meal


The first entree presented two shot glasses of intricate delights on a bed of ice. First up, the Fresh Pear Crostini with Assorted Nuts comes as lightly toasted crostini perfumed with jasmine tea dressing, topped with fresh sliced pear, nuts and dried berries. It was a very unique starter as though the thought of pear is sweet on the tongue, the overall lasting impression was a delicate sweetness mixed with a tinge of citrus acidity. This, coupled with the varying textures of smooth crunchy pear with grounded nuts all around. Definitely an appetite opener.

The Wild Pepper Leaf wrap of Mixed Herbs is a selection of handpicked herbs, walnuts, dates, palm dressing stuffed within the leaf and eaten whole. A whole explosion of sweet and spiced flavours and textures ensues with the complete bite. Discover flavours like freshly cut grass together with textured sweet fibrous coconut in occasional flavours that reminded me of cloves and savoury nuts.


The Herbal Chicken Soup with Hokkaido Scallop and Cordyceps Flowers was probably one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Served hot, comforting and soothing, the soup carried a thick savoury flavour in clear settings. The chicken pieces are soft and tender, and not dried out like those normally received in a broth. Take a first sip and revel in the complex flavours of savoury, a refreshing bitter then a mild sweetness. Delectable.

And it is said that this traditional Chinese herbal soup aids in the promotion of blood circulation, reducing blood pressure and improving well-being.


The next best dish after the chicken herbal soup is the Sous Vide Salmon with Red Capsicum Puree and Tamarind Sauce. Omega 3 rich salmon fillet enriched with antioxidant packed red capsicum coulis and tamarind sauce is presented in simple yet exquisite finesse. As the fish is cooked vacuum sealed at 48 degrees, incredible texture and oils remain within the layers of meat. I would akin it to a smooth, refined portion of textured silk in all its glory. And contrasting the oily flavours of fish is the zesty red capsicum sauce, enough to give a gentle kick of hotness on the taste buds. Thumbs up and a must order when I’m back here.


The next main of Barley Porridge with Quinoa and Seafood arrived in unpretentious presentation. Stewed in nourishing chicken essence, this hearty barley porridge with quinoa, tiger prawn, king scallop and green vegetables is an excellent source of dietary fibre, and aids in protecting the colon.


Nutrition wise, this dish is top marks with barley opted instead of rice for extra fibre and quinoa thrown into the mix. However, the dish was a tad salty for my liking and I wonder if too much savoury was added in.


The dessert of Chilled Lemongrass Jelly mix Berry in Young Coconut was surprisingly healthy with the portion comprising less than a hundred calories. Lemongrass and pandan infused jelly with antioxidant packed strawberries, blueberries and raspberries is served in a high fibre coconut . Light and fruity, mildly sweetened from the natural juices, I found this dessert refreshing and a thirst quencher all in one. Excellent!

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Dining at Tangerine is a tranquil journey from start to end. From the carefully prepared dishes, to the beautiful environment all around, it is dining healthy in comfort, like home. I particularly enjoyed the Herbal Chicken Soup and the Sous Vide Salmon, for intricate flavours and delicate textures that is intense yet subtly complex simultaneously. It almost makes me want to sign up for a wellness package with ESPA if not for my schedule. Don’t you find the scenery gorgeous?

Thank you Resorts World Sentosa for the invitation

Level 1
Resorts World Sentosa
Tel : 6577 6336
Opens From : 10am to 10pm