A Luscious Indulgence At The Coffee Connoisseur


Bottom left – Chilled Affagato With Ice Cream , Right – Luscious Bonding

Time passes very slowly when you are at the TCC. After yesterday’s heavy dinner of crabs, laksa, curry chicken and platters of other dishes, Michel insisted on treating me to a cool down session of coffee.

I gave in to the Luscious Bonding which simply stood tall as an Iced Latte with a sweet caramel syrup bottom, topped off with a fuzz of whipped cream and chocolate chips. For me, I love my coffee sweet and mildly bitter. The pure delight of the caramel bottom is like angels rolling playfully on the clouds, engaging each other in peaceful banter while being part of the painting of a velvety artwork from the tingling bittersweet flavour of the iced latte.


And with the constant joyous accompaniment of Christmas carols, I really felt at ease and relaxed. I think its time for Christmas in the city. Oh how I wished Singapore would snow just this once. Just this once.