A Little Piano Playing

Ahhh One Little Candle. This was the song I played for my secondary’s school students’ council investiture and farewell. It was my principal’s choice of the song and yes it is a beautiful piece.

True Light is the theme song of the Japanese Anime DNAngel. Nigel introduced to me this piece when I was in secondary 2, and it took me about 2 months to master it. It happens to be my favourite piece as the complex nature of the harmonics and melody gives rise to a strong and powerful emotion.

I heard David Nevue’s rendition of Greensleeves on a website and I was immediately hooked onto it. Yes, so hooked that I went online to his website and bought the sheet music to play. A very fun piece! It gives a refreshing recreation of the medieval sounding Greensleeves.

* Forgive me if you hear some weird background noise, its my camera microphone.