A Heritage of Love with Thye Moh Chan Teochew Mooncakes!


If you a fan of the traditional Chinese baked pastry Tau Sar Pia, you would probably have heard about Thye Moh Chan and its extensive history in Singapore. For three generations since 1943, the bakery has been whipping up delectable portions of flaky pastries for all to share. When it sought to close business for good in 2011, many made their way to the bakery for one final moment. However, the brand is now relaunched under the BreadTalk Group and as such, the legacy continues. Its signature Teochew mooncakes, a departure from the traditional baked white lotus variant from the Cantonese group, is perhaps the best highlight this season. As I am a fan of all things savoury mooncakes, these probably hit the spot for me. Indulge in mouthwatering offerings such as the Sweet or Salty Tau Sar, Yuan Yang and Double Delight. You might just find yourself a new convert to the Teochew mooncake scene if you’ve never tried them before.


The modern blue packaging


Elegant floral design adorn the brand’s first signature collection of mooncakes


How can you not resist picking up a piece of the flaky pastry mooncake and simply taking a deep bite in it after witnessing such glorious colours. There’s something about the beautiful golden brown hue, in all its reflective glory, that simply speaks out to you.


My personal favourite from the entire lot is the Salty Tau Sar with Single Yolk (Medium 4pc/box $24.80; Large 1pc/box $22.80). The pastry is created with a mix of salty mung bean paste with fried shallots, white sesame and seasoned with white pepper. Encased within is a single salted egg yolk for that added flavour and texture. I reckon that the flavours of this mooncake would be the most pronounced. The saltiness gently tickles the sides of the tongue, only to be followed with an enveloping of warm fragrance that is hearty with each bite.


The Yuan Yang (Medium 4pc/box $24.80; Large 1pc/box $22.80)is another savoury creation made of mung bean paste, white sesame, spicy pork floss, salted egg yolk and secret spices. In retrospect, this would also be another key favourite on the list with the added twist of spicy savoury pork floss and a beautiful portion of salted egg yolk. The secret concoction of spices lifted the flavours even further, with a fragrant sweet aftertaste that lingers in the mouth.


For a teochew mooncake with a sweeter selection, the Double Delight (Medium 4pc/box $24.80) does not fail to please. Made with red bean paste, winter melon, melon seeds, dried orange peel, white sesame, spring onions and glutinous rice flour, this is both a sweet and savoury presentation. The choice of winter melon bits add to the sweetness dramatically, with a texture that is both refreshing and well worth the bite. As I’m a personal fan of red bean paste, this also has my vote. Gosh, I’m liking almost every single mooncake here.


Another alternative to the salty tau sar is the Sweet Tau Sar with Single Yolk (Medium 4pc/box $24.80; Large 1pc/box $22.80). The mung bean filling stands in beautiful comparison to the salted egg yolk. It is good, but I definitely prefer the more savoury options. That said, one thing I noted about these mooncakes is that they are each a unique creation by itself, therefore the inconsistent skin, filling and texture. It is not a bad thing but rather one that speaks volumes of the handiwork undergone by each piece. I would definitely be back for more Thye Moh Chan mooncakes. And if you’ve not tried their tau sar piah, I suggest you do so. I enjoyed every last bit.

The artisanal mooncake selection is only available in limited quantities and will be available from now to 15 September. They can be purchased from the outlet at Parkway Parade (tel: 6344 8885) or Chinatown Point (tel: 6604 8858). More details can be obtained from their website at www.thyemohchan.com

Thank you Thye Moh Chan for the mooncakes.