A Fruity Indulgence At Fruit Paradise


Strawberry Mont Blanc ($8.30 /slice)

Orchard Central seemingly has an interesting dessert cafe with a new concept. Fruit Paradise, a subsidiary of Ajisen, pushes its wares of extremely attractive fruity tarts in an open air, lounge like environment.

The tarts, as the main key to the entire show, do not come cheap as well. Each slice is heavily priced, but that is compensated if you enjoy sinking your teeth in some mouthwatering sweet desserts with either a cream, cheese or chocolate base.


Mango ($7.80 /slice)

Expectedly, the crust of the tarts itself is thin and crisp, giving each slice a firm standing. And the topping are beautifully glazed in luscious portions. Definitely a good place to visit and relax after all that shopping up and down the vertical tower of Orchard Central. Oh yeah, drinks are also available. And I recommend the Mango Soda. Its good.

Fruit Paradise
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road

Creamy, attractive desserts that will sooth the mind, body and soul.