Shahi Maharani – The Royal Ambience

A Happy New Year to all my readers out there. May 2010 be a year of momentous joy and delightful spirits. The decade has gone by and now its a renewal of beginnings for us all. As I craft this article, the riveting music of The Prayer sung by Celine Dion and Josh Groban is

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Embracing The Shangri-La Legend For Christmas

Celebrating Christmas with my family has always been special. It is both the picture of Nativity and my mum’s birthday. And for each year, the family has committed a tradition that the celebration will take place at a different hotel. For this year, Christmas came special at The Shangri-la Hotel. But perhaps it is more

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Sunday’s Buffet Brunch At Hai Tien Lo

Today’s Sunday Times Lifestyle section ran an article on the numerous buffet brunches in Singapore and how it was catching up as an icon of the generation. Mum spotted the little box on the who’s who’s brunches in the country till her eye became fixated on the the offering from Hai Tien Lo. The fantasy

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Kuishin Bo, An Upper Cut Family Buffet

King Alaskan Crab Claws, You could go nuts digging through the shells. I have recently heard about Kuishin Bo from Kenny (about two months ago) raving about the King Alaskan Crab Claws as part of the dinner buffet. And when Michel said he wanted to treat me to the buffet meal for dinner on Saturday,

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Oiishi Sushi! Possibly Singapore’s Best Sushi Shop.

Sushi Kikuzawa Pte Ltd 360, Orchard Road #02-13 International Building Tel/Fax : 6738 3833 Business Hours : 12.00-3.00pm    6.00-10.00pm J2K3 Award Winner Experience the beauty of the rice complementing the sushi as a whole! Immerse your tastebuds in a refreshing delight.  Mixed Sashimi Salad Imagine taking that first bite into the sushi. Imagine a myriad

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