db Bistro Moderne – Introducing Boulud Sud’s Mediterranean Flavours!

Mention Daniel Boulud, and the most striking dish to come up to mind would be the popular DB Burger. Famed for his French-American cuisine, Boulud is probably the least you would expect when it comes to bringing the flavours of the Mediterranean into his creations. But then again, the creativity of a chef knows no

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Johnny English Reborn, He’s Back!

Johnny English is Reborn! And in this action-spy-comedy movie featuring the exclusive World’s number 1 spy, English is back in service and you can count on him! Johnny English Reborn Trailer The storyline begins with English being out of England’s Secret Service MI7 after a disaster he created. But after extensive training with the monks,

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The Unending Seafood Galore at Parkroyal on Beach Road Plaza Brasserie

  The extensive and popular fish buffet at Plaza Brasserie just got even better! From the 2nd of September to the 30th October dinners, diners will now get to enjoy the “Seafood Galore” spread. In addition to the original Freshest Catch dinner buffet where your choice fishes will undergo preparations a la minute in the

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Old Hong Kong Legend, It’s just good dim sum!

Its always good to find another place to have excellent dim sum, especially since there will be tummies rumbling during Mid-day. The idea of Dim Sum formally originated in Southern China and dian xin was paired commonly with tea as a snack (hence its name to only touch the heart in Mandarin).     Old Hong

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Gourmet News : Stephane Glacier, Meilleur Ouvrier de Franc and Marina Bay Sands come together!

Praline Tendresses World Renowned Pastry Chef Stephane Glacier of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de Franc (MOF) in 2000, as best Pastry chef of France, now in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands for an exclusive collaboration with the Integrated Resort’s Executive Pastry Chef Alejandro Luna. The sentence alone is possible to whet attention from pastry lovers as

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