611 Tau Sar Piah – Uber Delicious!

DSCF6111 611 Tau Sar Piah
Sembawang Shopping Centre
6753 0611

Crispy, Tasty, and sumptuous!


Who knew that traditional Chinese goodies could taste so good. So good to the extent that it gets you hooked to the flavour and crispiness! 611 Tau Sar Piah is by no means a greenhorn in this arena.

Once located at 611 Balestier road, it still holds true to its skills in producing some of the best Tau Sar Piah one could ever taste.


Shockingly delicious Red Bean Tau Sar Piah – One of my favourites!

In an effort to diversify its range, the outlet has now produced a total of 9 different flavours for the wonderful Chinese cookie (a little poetic license here). The traditional sweet and salted varieties are still as good. And if you ever chance upon fresh Tau Sar Piah just being put out for display, I would really question you if you don’t grab it.

The ones I tasted were crispy with a flaky pastry and the filling was an excellent complement to it. Imagine it being fresh out of the oven. Ooooo =)


6 of the many varieties. Let me try to name them.

From top left : Sweet, Salted, Redbean

From bottom left : Coffee, Lotus, Penang Salted


With the Tau Sar Piahs being affordable ($0.80-0.90) per piece, it is definitely a great snack to munch by. Not forgetting it makes a great gift as well =)

  • Charlie

    Hi, are they oily as those from Leong Fatt?

  • Hi Charlie.

    I have no clue as I have yet to try those from leong fatt. Mind telling me where u can get them?
    Thanks =)


  • Charlie

    Hey, sure. The shop’s located at 639 Balestier Road. Details follow:

    Loon Fatt Eating and Confectionary
    Tel: +65 6253 4584
    Opening hours
    Mon–Sat & PH
    8am – 4.30pm
    (Closed on Sundays)

    Do try them and let me know ur opinion. Thanks in advance!

    Also, you may wish to check their reviews out online. =)

  • Charlie:
    loong fatt tau sau piah has very thin, flaky skin with buttery flavour. Hence, may be slightly oily compared to 611. 611 pastry skin may be slightly drier than loong fatt. haha
    Well, taste is pretty subjective 🙂