$2 Dim Sum. Hwa Nam Restaurant.


I have always wanted to go try out the dim sum stall along Thomson Road. And I made it a special point today to visit it after my morning exercise with my buddies. It was all planned out. Each person were to come out no more than $6, and we get to share all the food we ordered. Not too bad if you want to get your early morning fix for affordable dim sum.


A wide spread is available with the traditional types like Carrot Cake, Egg Tarts, Char Siew Sou, Siew Mai, Har Gau, Jiu Cai Jiao and He Ye Nuo Mi Fan. But some were interesting creations like Mushroom Stuffed Dumplings and Seaweed Meat Rolls. Its new to me and I must add that their meat stuffings are pretty decent.


I won’t talk much as there were about 11 dishes of varied dumplings. And I reckon that if you are hungry, you might just be able to order everything and still feel happy for not paying so much.


Fried Yam Dumplings


Har Gao, Jiu Cai Shui Jiao


Mushroom Stuffed Meat Dumplings


Seaweed Meat Dumplings


Lotus Leaf Glutinious Rice


Lor Mai Kai


Char Siew Bao

Decent food, affordable pricing. And a good lot of popular favourites plus uncommon creations. Attractive to the masses, so its good to be there early.




_MG_9754 Hwa Nam Restaurant
Thomson Garden Estate
244F Upper Thomson Road
Mon-Sun: 7am-1130pm
Tel: 6453 3645