10 At Claymore Bistro Grill Goes Buffet With the Pleasure of Oz!

Mention 10 At Claymore and the most popular impression of the bistro would be its highlight, the Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu Beef, grain fed for 600 days and with a marbling score of 9+. Grill meats and steaks are a supposed plus on the menu with its cuts grilled to the choice doneness on the restaurant’s Lava Rock char-broiler. The delights do not end there though, as from now till the 30th of June, 10 At Claymore is presenting The Pleasure of Oz, a select spread inspired by the best of Australian cuisine, as the seasonal highlight in its dinner and brunch buffet menu.

In addition to the petite a la minute Australian dishes, the quaint sized bistro offers a select spread of fresh seafood, freshly shucked oysters, roasted honey ham, ribs, traditional European classic, a hot Chinese food section, cheese, shots of desserts, fresh crepes, ice cream, and an ever bubbling chocolate fondue that never fails to please. Couple all these with the bright streams of light falling gently in during brunch or the dim cool night sky creating part of the atmosphere at night, this is an experience only to be felt along the back streets of Orchard Road, a seclusion to the metro streets of Singapore, 10 At Claymore.

Australian Wagyu Sirloin

For brunch, the Pleasure of Oz – Aussie Plates of Pleasure are a selection of 6 dishes serves in tasting unlimited portions. There is the Gracefield Venison Loin Kebab, Australian Wagyu Sirloin, Tasmanian Free-Range Sharwama Lamb, Victoria Lake Omega Salmon Fillet, Beer Butt Chicken and Egg Benedict (brunch).

I first had the Australian Wagyu Siroin with Roasted Broccoli and Merlot Reduction. Tender juicy sirloin with a fascinating serving of mashed potatoes to match, this was a tasty meat pleaser. Exceptional? No. But very tasty. And its a good piece of steak.


As interesting as the Tasmanian Free-Range Sharwama Lamb served in Grilled Tortilla sound, it was just Tortilla to me. One that was a tad dry and not extremely outstanding. The Victoria Lake Omega Salmon Fillet with Fennel and Capers itself is a very light rendition of a clear salmon broth. Plus points for presentation though I would have loved if belly was used in this dish.

But for an impressive pleasure in the plates of Oz ( I got the phrase reversed), there is the Beer Butt Chicken which I feel is a must try, so much so that I had seconds. Very well beer infused chicken pieces grilled over even more beer for that aromatic touch and natural meat tenderizer, the chicken skin had a lasting smooth savoury well grilled flavour. The meat with its juices well retained within went well with the smoked bbq sauce in bringing out full flavours of the grill. Chunky fries by the side.

The Gracefield Venison Loin Kebab is tastefully laid out with good contrast in colour. The blackberry jus that graced the plate goes well in highlighting flavours of the deer in sweet slightly tart flavours. This is meaty goodness.

While the Pleasure of Oz has Egg Benedict for its brunch servings, I would rather choose the meat dishes. While the serving is generously huge, the amount of Hollandaise sauce was a tad too much, and slightly too acidic on the slightly soft bread and crisp bacon that seemed to have lost its shine.

To the main buffet itself, perhaps one of the first few eye candies to garner attraction will be the fresh seafood display. While it is a limited selection and variety of lobsters, scallops, prawns and mussels, the colour is bound to attract and please.

Lobsters at a buffet, yes lobsters.

Of course there is also the traditional Oyster station, though at the bistro, the oysters are freshly shucked for your dining pleasure.

I crave oysters.

Fascinating, though everytime I come across these live stations, I always hope for a pearl.

The oysters are simply beautiful, sweet, creamy, juicy, with the fresh crisp flavour of the sea lightened with that squeeze of a lemon or minced onions.

Japanese cuisine is presented as a glimpse into more popular selections. There is a station for eel, salmon and tuna. Fresh and thickly sliced like pieces found on Chirashi dons, the selection is aimed to tickle the tastebuds rather than sate the stomach.

Colourful nigiri and maki sushi.

I think this is one of the most shiny Honey Roasted Hams I’ve seen in a buffet. The skin simply looks inviting and the roasted pineapple by the side soothes any thought of heavy flavours. The ham is decently smoked with a sweetness evenly flavoured throughout. Its not too salty to enjoy in chunks and the pineapple is great as a after dish cleanser.

Have mustard you old ham!

Moving to some European classics, there was this interesting pot of Seafood stew that looked very tempting. Thinking back, I knew I should have taken a photo of that pot of plain beauty – Roasted Tomato Soup

Ribs to dig in! Smoky flavoured, meaty on some ends, with just a streak of fat here and there. Mmm mmm.

 Teriyaki Chicken with Bonito Flakes

 Fried rice and Fried noodles in the Hot Chinese Cuisine. The Fried Noodles were very tasty as it carried a distinct wok-hei flavour.

Steamed Fish

 Braised Duck

 Assortment of Cheese (Yes I went for every single one of them again)

The buffet experience for everyone slowly shifts from the mains to the desserts after about an hour into the restaurant. Suddenly the mains were empty except for the sparse guest or two drifting along the servings eyeing what their stomach was craving. The dessert bar as I would like to call it is decently spread out with a selection of cocktail shooters, sliced cakes, fruits, tarts, jellies, crepes, ice cream and the fondue. A mini feast I might add!


Brownie or Chocolate fudge (I couldn’t tell them apart except it was a dense chocolate cake) and some very adorable looking pistachio cream chocolate layer cake.

 Tiramisu and Walnut tartlets

 Kiwi, Raspberry, Orange Jelly.

 A very cross-ed cake.

Seasonal fruits 

 Fruit juices of Pink Guava, Orange and Pineapple are a welcome addition to the coffee and tea range.

 Chocolate Fondue, Jellies, Sweets, Cookies

A scene of calm and tranquility. Nothing speaks more of it than molten chocolate gently cascading down the sides into the depths below. 


 Grapes, Marshmallows, and Strawberries. I wonder how the Macaroons go though. Looks colourful.

Ice Cream, Toppings, Bread Pudding

The Bread pudding looks sinfully delicious. I wonder why I didn’t try it in the end? (Ah I was too full) 


 Nuts and Dried Cranberries

Crepes a la minute for everyone! I had the Chef’s creation and it was a crispy crepe with the works of sliced mango, banana, and berries topped with strawberry ice cream, nuts and a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce. 

 Hear the crepe sizzle!


Service staff Siva giving a broad smile while serving a cup of latte.

 TWG Teas are a very fine way to end the buffet. Though I must admit my selection of Creme Caramel got me thinking about acquired tastes when it comes to teas.





The Lounge Area

Executive Chef Andy of 10 At Claymore

Me posing for a photo with Chef Andy

Foremost, the spread and selection at 10 At Claymore is definitely not one in terms of wide spread selection. Rather its choice offering seems rather decent for the small bistro of 90 guests. There is a good variety and the focus lies more strongly on quality, presentation and flavour into creating the overall experience for the individual. Choices can definitely be more, but I wonder where else would they place the buffet in the fully maximised bistro. The Pleasure of Oz with Aussie creations served hot from the kitchen is a highlight though there are a couple of misses for me personally. Yet when it comes to the freshly shucked oysters, gleaming honey roast ham, lobsters on a bed of ice and the bright sun that shines through the windowed walls, 10 At Claymore seems set for a relaxing way to settle down for a meal. For that moment, I even forgot that I was dining along the busy streets of Orchard Road, just somewhere hidden behind the lush bushes and a hill at Claymore.

Thank you Ying Ying of Pan Pacific Orchard for the invitation

10 at Claymore
Pan Pacific Orchard (Lobby Level)
10 Claymore  Road
Singapore 229540

The Pleasure of Oz
1 May to 30 June
Dinner (Sundays to Thursdays) : $45++
Brunch (Sundays) : $48++

Reservations : 6831 6686

Operating Hours:
Lunch : 12pm to 2.30 pm
Dinner : 6pm to 10.30 pm